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parallel distribution channels. The first team will infect a food processing facility nearby, which will infect the Eastern seaboard. The second team will go to the bureau of engraving and currency, because obviously that's not the most secure place in the country. Seriously, they had their choice of anywhere and they picked "the place the money gets printed." That will hit the whole United States, making the first distribution channel somewhat redundant. The third team will just release it in the International terminal of Dulles Airport. This gets the whole world. So why bother with specifically dosing the United States? And given the United States one, why triple down on the Eastern Seaboard? Your people will be coming through in Tibet, won't they? Sheesh. Anyway, Sophia tells everyone to mourn the loss of life, but to remember that they're doing it for their survival. This is to imply that she has some moral qualms about what she's doing, but if she's still going to kill billions of people, I don't really care if she feels kind of bad about it.

Jarvis is in the hospital and orders somebody to redirect the satellite. It'll take two hours, and the guy doing it finds this highly irregular, because such an order would normally come from the Director of National Security. But that position is vacant, so Jarvis is just doing it himself. I'm surprised there's no plan for succession for that job. Isn't there a deputy or vice-director or someone who ordinarily fills in? Anyway, a doctor tells Jarvis that he's cautiously optimistic about Martinez's chances for a miracle recovery, but that he can't give any details due to doctor-patient confidentiality. Jarvis claims that he just wants to know if he should be ready to transfer authority back. The doctor says that this recovery is much faster than a normal multiple-stroke recovery. In fact, this just doesn't happen. So I guess the poisoned sweetener has the effect of stopping all brain function but not actually damaging the victim in any permanent way until he dies. How convenient!

In the hallway, Jarvis starts to tell Christina that he has encouraging news, but she slaps him across the face. In a loud, clear voice that everyone in the area can hear, she tells him that she knows he poisoned President Martinez. A guard tries to pull her off Jarvis, but she shoves the guard away. She tells Jarvis she's going to bury him alive, and it seems like she's willing to stand there all day, telling him that his plots have been exposed and that he's an evil person. She's eventually interrupted by the news that her husband's awake, so she runs into his room. There are a lot of people in here, so it seems like they rescinded the rule about keeping people out. Martinez opens his eyes, but he still looks kind of out of it. Plus, he's got a breather thing in his mouth and doctors are prying his eyes open, so even if he were fully conscious, it would probably be hard to tell. All the poking and prodding is where Blair Underwood has to pay for that episode where he got to nap through the whole thing.

After a commercial break, the doctor checks Martinez's reflexes. Martinez, who seems almost completely conscious and coherent, promises that he will submit to the battery of tests if he can have a moment alone with his wife. And he gets it! He asks her what happened, and she doesn't want to tell him. He says that the last thing he remembers is telling Sterling that he saw the look in Jarvis's eyes, and that Jarvis had something to do with this. Boy, he's got a pretty good memory, doesn't he? And if he remembers all that, Christina decides there's no harm in telling him that Jarvis is working with Sophia, and that Sterling has been fired and is working with rogue alien Simon Lee. This episode sure has a lot of scenes where one character catches another up on information that the audience already knows. Martinez decides he needs to talk to Sterling and asks Sophia to get him.

Sterling, along with Simon, Sean, and Vicky, is searching the office that they all assume used to be Beardo's. Simon tells Sean that they're looking for notes, receipts, basically anything they can find. You know, everyone in this scene is a highly trained secret agent, except for Sean. I shall be somewhat vexed if Sean is the one who finds something everyone else has overlooked. While they search, Sterling remembers that Vicky used to be a top CIA spy that went rogue, and that there were rumors that she was being scapegoated by her division chief, and that she went rogue and did black ops. She denies it, vaguely. Seems like she should be pleased that they found out she was being made a scapegoat, right?

Simon tells Sean that Leila was alive when he last saw her, but that Michael was shot. Leila stayed behind. See? Another scene where we have to spend time watching someone tell someone else something we already know. He apologizes for leaving her, although he had an urgent mission to save the president. Sean accepts that, and says that he'll find her when they're done. I guess at this point, he's feeling pretty confident in his ability to get incredibly lucky and find someone he has no hope of locating. Everyone decides that there's nothing to be found in the office. But! Just then! A garbage truck pulls up outside and they realize that maybe all the important papers were thrown away just before they got there. So they all run downstairs and take possession of the dumpster. Time to go through the trash! Sean is the one to find a cluster of receipts from one particular area in Maryland. Of course he is. And they have precise times on them, so Sterling wants to use an NSA satellite. Sterling's phone rings (adding him to the long list of people on this show who leave their mobile phones on even when they're wanted federal fugitives) and it's Martinez! He thanks Sterling for saving his life and asks that he also thank Agent Lee. That's nice of him. And now it's time for another infodump, this time from Sterling to Martinez. Sterling says he assumes Jarvis is being played for a fool. That's probably a safe bet, although you should be open to the possibility that he's just naturally foolish.

Martinez wants to get out of bed. The doctor won't let him, saying he can't put any strain on his body: "A few hours ago, you were nearly dead." "And now I'm alive." He asks his wife to get him something to wear. The doctor's no longer in charge of where Martinez goes.

Dr. Lu asks a shaved-head dude to check the seals on the virus packages and get them on the van. Carlos calls Sophia to report that everyone's in position at the infection sites. We see people standing around in the three locations. It's weird that they're already there, isn't it? Especially the guy at the airport. Someone at the currency location says he won't use a new drying agent and wants to hear from a supervisor. So the alien sleeper shoots him. Bang! I wonder if he's going to clean that body up or just leave it there causing suspicion. Each of the sleepers reports to Sophia, "In place and ready." But now the virus has to be taken to each of them, so things aren't really ready, are they?

Sean is trying to access the NSA on his laptop. He says things like "Spoof" several times and gets in. Sterling is a little annoyed that Sean did that so quickly, but he also seems impressed. They still need a password (so what was all that hacking that Sean just did?), so Sterling uses Peel's access code. Sean calls up an image from the NSA satellite that was pointed at this one gas station at the time shown on Beardo's receipt. He announces that the NSA archives images every sixty seconds, which I think everyone in the room already knows. He sees Beardo getting gas, and then uses earlier satellite images to track the car backwards to a building. Then they run the image of the building forward in time to establish that even though it's a parking garage, it's suspiciously busy. And it has a lot of black SUV traffic. Sterling comments, "Well done, Mr. Walker." Hey, while he's in the NSA database, maybe he should clear his name.

Sophia asks Doctor Lu what's

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