The Event
The Beginning of the End

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going to happen to Leila, who's in some kind of stupor. Lu isn't sure, but she's pretty sure that she'll die eventually. Either within hours or days. Sophia decides that Leila's suffering, so Lu should kill her. Quickly and painlessly. Well, that'll be nice for her. Sophia tells Carlos it's time to go, and a chain of black SUVs takes everybody back out of the garage. I don't know why everyone has to leave, unless there's yet another home base for them to move to.

The good-guy foursome is on its way to the Alien Garage. They're all in one car, which I believe means they left one back at the textile place. Vicky asks Sterling if he could maybe call in some backup troops, but he can't. Thanks a lot, Sterling. Sean hands around extra ammunition from his duffel bag. As he does, Simon spots that scroll, so now Sean has to kind of explain the Hal Holbrook Conspiracy, although he doesn't know what the deal with the scroll is. Simon says that if Hal Holbrook could read that scroll, he knew more than he told Sean. That's almost certainly true, since he didn't tell Sean much of anything. Simon isn't much help either, since he just says that the scroll involves why the aliens are here and what happened. I'm going to assume it was some kind of... EVENT.

When the good-guy SUV arrives at the Alien Garage, Simon identifies a couple of guards. They're not that hard to identify, since they're just sitting inside the plexiglass box where security guards usually sit and look at identification badges. Sean says they need to get in there. They're driving a black SUV, so I bet they could just drive in.

Inside a plastic tent, Leila wiggles at her restraints.

Vicky goes up to the plexiglass box and says she needs gas. The two guards tell her she needs to leave, but before she can expand on her cover story, Sterling shoots both the guards dead. Kapowie!

Inside, Lu is preparing to jab Leila with a hypodermic needle. She says there won't be any pain; the first injection will put her to sleep, so she won't be awake for the second injection.

Inside the garage, Simon grabs a guy in a lab coat. The guy immediately admits that almost everybody has left, but there are two guards upstairs (dead already), himself, Lu, and "the prisoner" still inside. Sean is very interested in the news about the prisoner.

Leila gets her hand free and clocks Lu in the face. Oh, good for her! She gets the needle into Lu's neck and injects her. Nice! And as Lu slumps, Sean sees the tent. He rushes up and he and Leila have as good a reunion as they can have, considering that they're speaking to each other through a plastic wall. She tells him about how she was being used as an incubator and points him to the laptop which contains all of Lu's information. He starts to enter the tent, but she tells him he has to stay out of the tent, thanks to her super-infection.

Martinez enters the Oval Office in high dudgeon. He tells Jarvis to get the hell out, but Jarvis maintains that he's the official president and it would take an official cabinet vote to put Martinez back in. Martinez says that he knows what Jarvis did with Sophia, and Peel declines to help Jarvis out. Jarvis claims that everything he's done has been to ensure the safety of the American people. Also, he thinks all those strokes Martinez had will make the cabinet members less likely to vote him back in right away. He wants independent tests. Lots of them. He points out that Eli can barely stand (that's an exaggeration, but he is using a cane), which obviously means he can't lead the country.

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The Event




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