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While Sean sits next to Leila's tent, Sterling's working on the laptop and failing to get in. Simon zip-ties Doctor Lu to a chair. Wait, I thought Lu was inside the tent. Yeah, she definitely was. I guess maybe Simon was able to go inside and get her, but wouldn't he then be in danger of carrying some of Leila's disease outside where Vicky, Sean, and Sterling could catch it? I don't buy it. I don't think Lu should be out here. But she is, so let's just deal with it. Sean and Leila are sharing the first interesting conversation these two characters have ever had. She thinks she's definitely going to die, but Sean thinks there must be a cure. I think it's a more interesting story, and Leila a more interesting character, if she really does die. Sean decides that denial is the way to go and talks about how they should move to Portland or Seattle and get a dog. She says he's allergic to dogs, but he just shrugs that off. He says he's not leaving her, but she wants him to find Sophia and stop her. At this point, can't we leave that to Vicky, Simon, and Sterling? I mean, they're the trained superspies here.

Simon uses smelling salts to wake Lu up. He tells her she knows what she's doing is wrong. Also, he'd like the password to her laptop, which should have all the information they need. She says it's too late. He says she can suit herself and grabs a power drill. "Or I'm going to cut you. Over and over. Never so deeply that you'll bleed to death." Shouldn't you use a knife for that? She insists that it's too late, but he wants the password anyway. If it really is too late, she might as well hand it over. She finally shouts out the password. And sobs. I was really hoping it would be "kitty" or something, but I think it was just random characters. And now that Simon got that piece of information out of her, he doesn't want to ask Lu any more questions, because she could just make stuff up until it's too late. I guess I understand where he's coming from, since the password was instantly verifiable. But she rolled over under the smallest threat of disfiguring torture, so I'd be inclined to keep trying that for at least a few more steps. Like, what directory should we be looking for? Is it an Excel file? That sort of thing. Sterling starts to work on the laptop, and this is the sort of thing that Sean should be helping out on. And he could also hack back into the NSA computer and redirect that one satellite that Jarvis moved. Just an idea.

Sophia tells Gerard the satellite has been altered, and the pathogen is getting ready to be deployed. Gerard has a guy proceed, and the giant portal doohickey begins its mighty work. So they're going to start bringing people in before the disease has started to spread? That seems stupid. For one thing, everyone's going to show up in the middle of the plague when there isn't room for them yet. Kill all the humans and then bring in the replacements, right?

Well, that's it for this episode. Next week: The season finale! Which may or may not contain the actual EVƎNT!

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