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Sean wakes up in a hospital. A briskly efficient nurse tells him that he's in St. Francis hospital, just outside of Yuma, Arizona. I have some friends who broke down in Yuma. They tell a very amusing story about this guy wandering around a parking lot with paint all over his face. I guess that's not strictly relevant to Sean's predicament. He wants to talk to the police, but the nurse assumes his talk of being on a plane in Florida means that he's delirious with heatstroke. She keeps telling him to calm down, which does not work on him. Sean's a twitchy, shouty guy and he's not about to change for you, nurse-lady! Finally, she agrees to call the Yuma police department. The policeman on the other end of the line checks his database and discovers that Sean is waned on a Federal murder charge. For killing, of all people, Dude! Again, wouldn't it have been easier to just pick him up when he was on the cruise, rather than let him run around the country for a week with a murder rap on him?

Sterling and Martinez ride a golf cart down a maintenance tunnel. I feel like the budget just got cut dramatically in the middle of the second episode. Sterling tells Martinez that he's convinced that Sophia and her people did something to the plane. And the lack of evidence for his theory just means there are more of them out there and also that they have powers they haven't shared.

NOVEMBER 2ND, 1944. That's quite a flashback. A pilot reports that he has a visual on a crash site. On the ground, people are huddled around campfires and bandaging wounds. Sophia sees the plane go by. She calls someone called Thomas over and tells him to gather all the able bodies and get ready to go. "Unless you go, there's no hope for any of us. I can't risk all of us being caught." They speak English, but the accent is odd. So we already have confirmation of Sterling's theory about there being more of these people. I've been calling them "detainees," but I guess that's no longer accurate. Fine, then, I'm inaccurate. I am large, I contain multitudes.

In modern times, the President walks into Sophia's cell where she's handcuffed to a chair. He talks about how he wanted to tell the world that humanity was not alone. "I was told many times I was making a mistake." And he's aware that someone was trying to kill him to keep him from making that announcement. But was he wrong to want to announce it? He looks at her sternly. "Tell me the reasons, good or bad, for deceiving me." Sophia shakes her head and says, "We mean you no harm. My people saved your life." "Was that really what happened? Or were they saving your life?" He also asks why her people are in hiding, which seems like a stupid question. Maybe they don't want to be locked up in a prison in Alaska forever? Sophia is not intimidated: "My people have been waiting for 66 years. Their patience is running out." "Is that a threat?" "You wanted the truth. I'm giving it to you." He walks out. That was not particularly productive, but I guess it established that Martinez is no longer interested in freeing the detainees.

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