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At the hospital, the nurse is trying to seem calm and natural. Sean asks if she called the police, and she says they're sending someone over to take his statement. Good cover! She swaps his IV bags and looks freaked out and edgy. He looks out the window and sees cops running up looking like they're about to arrest a dangerous fugitive, not take someone's statement. He gets up from the bed (no longer attached to the IV, I guess) and finds her and asks her what's going on. Her answer is "please don't hurt me," which isn't really an answer. She tells him she has a three-year-old son and that they told her he killed someone. He walks casually away out of her office and she yells for the cops as soon as he's past her.

FIVE YEARS EARLIER, in BOSTON, MA. Sean swims in what I think is an Olympic-sized swimming pool. He sees Leila flailing around in the next lane trying to learn to backstroke. They have awkward, unconvincing small talk. She admits that she doesn't know how to swim, and there's no chemistry at all here. It's almost hard to watch. He denies being captain of the swim team, but cops to being in the computer science society. Then he gives her some technical posture suggestions about where her chin should be when she's floating on her back. I hope this comes up in a future episode, because this had better not be here just because they wanted to explain how Sean was able to save Leila in the last episode. He leans her back. They're playing up the awkwardness so much that I can't imagine either of them wanting to speak to the other again, but he suggests meeting tomorrow for another lesson. That's the end of the flashback, and I'm beginning to think it would be a good idea for these flashbacks to tie in to the main storyline in some way. As it is, it's like they didn't want to bother connecting their scenes in any way other than the occasional "THIS HAPPENED EARLIER" caption. It does not, in my opinion, lead to a compelling narrative.

Meanwhile, Sean runs down the hospital hallways, knocking people over. He ducks into a room with no lights on. The cops run past, and he pops back out to run the other way. More running. He turns left a lot and ends up in front of the cops again. That's when he falls down. Good one, dummy. He's arrested for the murder of Greg "Dude" Kervin.

Back to the airport! Sterling tells Agent Simon Lee that Sophia has been lying to them all along. I'd like to hear some of these lies she tells. I bet it would be interesting. Anyway, Sterling is putting together a hand-picked squad of Top Men to find the non-detained Detainees and determine the full extent of their capabilities. He cautions Simon that there's no way to know how far they've been infiltrated. The camera holds on Simon for a suspiciously long time, and then it's time for a flashback.

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The Event




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