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TEN YEARS EARLIER in LANGLEY, VIRGINIA, a nurse (not the same one as in Yuma) has trouble taking blood from Simon's arm. He explains that his whole family has "small veins" and they chat about how he's just become an official member of the CIA. He applied for Clandestine Services, although based on his performance in the last episode, he's one of the least clandestine people I've ever seen. Then he strolls into the bathroom, looks around suspiciously, and ducks into a stall. He pulls a piece of tape off his bicep and pulls a length of fake vein out of his arm. That's gross. And indiscreet. Shouldn't you wait until you're home, rather than just doing this in the CIA bathroom?

Simon gets his final instructions for Sterling ("Do whatever you have to. And find them.") and then rides an elevator to an undecorated room. He meets someone who we quickly learn is Thomas, the guy from the crash. He tells Thomas that the detainees are not going to be released because now the government knows about the Undetained Ones. Also, there's a worldwide hunt. Thomas thinks they should have just let the military shoot the plane down, but Simon and Sophia both wanted to save the lives of the 200 passengers. Simon wants to know what happened to the plane, and Thomas tells him that they did something with the passengers. He hands over the plane's coordinates and leaves.

In Arizona, Sean is in the back seat of a car talking crazy to the detectives in the front seat. They don't believe him and are, frankly, sarcastic jerks about it. The female detective busts out her mental DSM-IV and starts psychoanalyzing Sean, telling him he's paranoid and delusional and all that. The male detective just wants Sean to shut up. I understand where he's coming from, but we're never going to get this plot moving if someone doesn't start listening to Sean. During Sean's ramblings, he mentions that Vicki is the one who got Sean off the ship, so I guess she's got motives we don't know. Maybe it's just that I have trouble believing anyone would really have a use for this guy. All he does is babble and beg people for stuff they don't give him.

Sean recognizes the rocks as being where the plane crashed, just as the car is stopped by a uniformed police officer. Although Sean insists that it's a fake road block designed to hide the plane, the detectives believe the policeman's story about a jackknifed semi. You'd think they would have heard about that on their police radio, but that doesn't occur to them. Sean begs the detectives to go over the ridge, where he promises they'll see a plane. They do not, and Sean abruptly switches gears: "Well, then don't believe me. I don't care. I really don't care. Do whatever you want with me, just please find my girlfriend or I think they're gonna kill her." The female detective asks if "this Leila" even exists. Seems like they could find out pretty quickly if they really wanted to. The car turns around and goes toward a detour.

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