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Remember Richard? He's the new Chief of Staff character played by Roger Bart. His job, as we established last week, is to give and receive exposition. This week, he starts the show in Give mode, telling President Martinez and that new general that Thomas broke a bunch of detainees out of Inostranka. Then he reminds them that more are apparently coming from OUTER SPACE. Martinez wants to know why all this is happening now, when there were 66 years where the detainees sat in their secret Alaskan prison without causing any problems at all. Richard and the general say it's Martinez's fault, because he's weak and soft. Then suddenly Sophia is sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office looking at Martinez, who is chained to a chair, and it's pretty clear that this is a dream sequence. Dream Sophia quotes Martinez's words at him and tells the general to kill Martinez. Martinez, quite logically, asks, "WHAT?!" Then Thomas takes the gun and starts to shoot.

Martinez is woken up by his wife. He looks troubled. I wonder if he just realized that his character is so poorly written that they had to spend several minutes of airtime making his inner conflict explicit. Of course, even the dream sequence couldn't do any better than "President Martinez feels worried about the impending alien invasion." Thanks for that, show.

A black SUV. And another. And another! Man, this show sure likes its black SUVs. I guess there's about twenty of them, all in a row, which isn't conspicuous at ALL. I don't know who's in them yet, but since pretty much everyone is part of some covert operation, I feel that they probably should be cruising around in a twenty-SUV convoy. Why not just rent a bus or something? The SUVs arrive in a gated community and the ex-detainees get out. So I guess after they busted out of Inostranka, they flew the helicopter from Alaska down to wherever they are now, then all piled into SUVs, which they drove in an extremely obvious line to this gated community. They all get out so Thomas can orate at them. He says that the houses in this community are all theirs. And when the rest of them get there (from THE STARS), they'll have the whole planet. But first, some of them will be taken to a location to do design work on the portal, and others will go find things that are missing. Everyone seems pretty happy about this, so I guess they didn't mind watching Thomas shoot Maya in the back while they all watched.

A half-seen gentleman drives up in a black car. Thomas calls him "Hansen" and tells him this operation needs to work. He's got a bunch of facial prosthetics. This scene goes out of its way not to show anything or say anything, so it's not all that interesting.

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