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Michael joins Sophia in the car. Sophia tells him about the 44 people Thomas killed, and says that they need to find Thomas and kill him. Now she's got a plan, but I doubt it's going to be as popular among the common alien-on-the-street.

A guy with a bloody, droopy face enters a store. This is probably the same droopy-faced guy as before, so let's say it's Hansen, who met with Thomas at the Aliens-Only Gated Community and is now being sought by Sophia. His face looked lumpier in the previous scene, but we only got a brief look at him. He's still got the same basic look, which is "guy with a bunch of facial prosthetics." He strolls into the back room and puts a duffel bag of hundred-dollar bills on a table. He tells the anonymous extra back there that they have 48 hours to move it. When he goes out to the front, he sees Sophia walking across the street. So he takes the back door and runs through a series of alleys until Michael stops him. "Hansen. Been awhile." See, the joke here is that Michael's actions are violent (he's got Hansen by the neck), but his dialogue is casual. This show might be more exciting if they got rid of the part where people acted casually about all this stuff. Like, if the characters acted like they cared, it's more likely that the audience will get on board.

In an empty warehouse (or something) Sophia and Michael kick Hansen around and punch him in the face while yelling, "Where's Thomas?" Then he starts begging. Michael digs his thumb into Hansen's neck. I guess Hansen's got a particularly vulnerable neck or something, but he's got so much latex down there, that it's like he's wearing armor. Hansen gabbles some stuff I can't make out, but Sophia figures out that Hansen's supposed to be getting uranium from a nuclear power plant. "He won't be within 300 miles of the power plant when he gets the uranium," says Hansen.

Situation Room. A call comes in from Sophia. For some reason, it goes through various channels before it can get to the President. I guess he didn't save that phone she snuck into his kid's backpack. She tells Martinez that Thomas is going to use a portal to steal the control rods from San Onofre. This is extremely risky, because you can't normally send uranium through those portals. In fact, Thomas tried portaling uranium in 1986, which caused Chernobyl. For more information about Chernobyl, please consult your local television, what with it being nothing but the Nuclear Meltdown Report 100% of the time. For people reading this in the future, hello! How are things in the future? Is your robot butler fun? Anyway, remember when there was that Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which led to a bunch of nuclear reactors possibly melting down? That was this week. So you can see why this seems odd. Anyway, Sophia has some tips about how to mess with the portals: "A strong magnetic field will disrupt the portal. Which is why the prisoners at Inostranka couldn't be transported that way, being too close to polar anomalies." Uh-huh. Sure. So she recommends creating a big magnetic field at the reactor or just getting the fuel out of there. Martinez is still a little peeved about Sophia saying the detainees were the only ones and isn't up for a conversation. She hangs up. They were trying to trace the call, but they failed. Although she was on a cell phone, which you'd think the NSA could track down pretty quickly. She's not using burners? Great, so this super-high-tech alien invasion isn't as smart as the guys on The Wire. Even Veronica Mars had one-use, untraceable cell phones!

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The Event




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