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Leila unpacks her and Samantha's stuff and runs across a picture of her and Sean. She's sad now, because she's remembering Sean, who she just saw yesterday. She tucks the picture away and Samantha asks why. Leila explains that she's sad. Nice work, everybody. When all else fails, just have one character turn to another and say, "I am feeling sad!" It's boring, but at least it's clear.

Sean enters a bar and orders a beer. He looks at Leila's picture on his phone. The young lady next to him has another Jack and Coke (double product placement!) and asks, "Is that your girlfriend?" He says it isn't, but he does not add, "And that makes me very sad." So I guess I can't be sure how he feels about this situation. The bar girl assures him he'll find someone else. Suddenly, a muscular gentleman with a very short haircut is angry at the girl for talking to someone, then orders her to leave with him. She doesn't want to, possibly because she ordered a drink like two seconds ago. He grabs her. Sean tries to edge out of the way, but he gets shoved a couple of times. Sean says, "I'm just gonna go." The muscular dude is really angry at this and shouts, "I SAID, DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!" So what does he want Sean to do, exactly? Sean's trying to leave! He tells Sean that he can't run away. They fight. It's mostly punches to the face. Sean gets the better of it, and goes Amy-Adams-in-the-Fighter on the guy's face. That was my favorite scene in the movie. I think I'm going to call that "going Boston" on people. Sean gets thrown out of the bar.

Sean breaks into a house by taking out the window screen. Then he eats an apple and some chicken. A blonde interrups him with a bat. He calls her "Sis," and because I am a kind and generous person, I will not go back to look at those dossiers of Sean and Leila to see if he had a sister back then. Sean explains that he didn't think she'd be home.

Sean's sister gives him a sandwich and tells him that the police have been by, looking for him because they say he killed someone on a cruise ship. He says he was framed. "By who?" she asks. That's his excuse to talk about the attempted presidential assassination and the experiments on little girls. She asks, "Did you go to the police?" "You don't believe me. Why would they?" Well, for one thing, there's that FBI agent who can back up most of what you've said. For another, you know perfectly well they've found that plane by now, and that they know about the attempted assassination. In fact, Michael just escaped from prison. So Sean can probably assume that there are people in the law-enforcement chain that know he didn't kill that dude on the cruise ship. But he's refusing to even check in with them and clear his name. Nice. From now on, all your problems are your own fault, dummy. He also doesn't want to talk about Leila. He's not staying. He just wants to know if Jimmy (an offscreen person that his sister knows) knows people who can hook him up with a fake ID so he can run to Mexico. Liz is outraged that he's just running away. "Don't you wanna stop them?" It would be nice to think that his face adopts an expression of grim resolve, so let's pretend that's what happens.

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