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Sterling extrapolates from Chernobyl that an explosion at San Onofre would devastate most of Southern California. They have a plan for moving the rods. And the general has a magnetic device in Camp Pendleton, so the plan is to extract the uranium and take it over there. Martinez wants to consider attaching a tracking device to the rods and just letting Thomas take them. Well, that would allow a meltdown. Martinez wants to know if there's any reason to believe Sophia, and Sterling tells his story about Maya, the moral of which is that Sterling believes that Sophia and Thomas represent different segments of the aliens. Martinez says to move the rods.

San Onofre! Simon is telling the man in charge to shut it down and move the rods. Now! Right now! Do it! The guy in charge thinks it's dumb, because the nuclear plant is so secure. But he agrees to do it. You'd think someone would have called ahead, wouldn't you?

Michael tells Sophia they're evacuating the rods. She tells him that she knows a lot of their people are waiting to see who wins between her and Thomas. She seems to have softened up towards him, telling him, "We never could have gotten this far with out you" and "Thank you, Michael." Her phone rings. It's Simon to report that the uranium is being loaded up and the facility sealed. He's on speakerphone, so Hansen, handcuffed to something in the next room, can hear everything. He digs into his neck folds and pulls out a tiny red dealie that he sticks in his ear. He then hears Thomas say, "Yeah, go." He tells Thomas that Sophia took the bait, and that they're moving the uranium out of San Onofre in the morning. Thomas says that Sophia has served her purpose. "Take her out."

The Gellars (the couple with whom Michael and Sophia stashed Leila and Samantha) discuss the situation in exceedingly vague terms: "We have to trust in their counsel." Mr. Gellar says that Michael's gone native, and that reflects on Sophia's judgment. Mrs. Gellar wants to know what happens when their people get here? Leila enters and demands to know what would happen to the "native population." They dodge: "It's your father's place to tell you, not ours." Mr. Gellar says it's not clear to them what she is. And nobody seems that interested in finding out, either. Well, except the Hal Holbrook Conspiracy, but only in the context of old-age juice.

A supermarket. I know this is Vicky, because I read the plot synopsis. She's got long black hair, which I'm not sure she had the last time we saw her. She looks suspiciously around as she shops for cleaners and cantaloupes. One guy tells her to knock on them. The cantaloupes, not the cleaners. He watches her leave. In the parking lot, he follows her out as the music gets exciting. She takes him down and holds a gun to his head to demand to know who sent him. He was just bringing her a slip of paper that fell out of her pocket. She lets him go, and he says she's crazy. It was all a swerve! Unless that slip of paper turns out to be really interesting, but the early results aren't promising on that front. I personally lost interest in it partway through that last sentence.

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The Event




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