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Vicky comes home and notices a window ajar. As she reaches for a gun, Sean holds a gun on her. He takes her gun. Now he's got two guns! He wants to know who she's been working for, because they need to be stopped. Too bad he didn't think of that the last time they saw each other, or when he gave that jerk assassin up to FBI control. But this is Sean's new goal: take down the conspiracy!

Sophia and Michael have some soup and talk about Hansen. There's a loading dock out back, so I guess it really is a warehouse. Michael will go out to the loading dock while Sophia has soup. As soon as he's left alone, Hansen kicks the electrical box he's handcuffed to and picks the lock on the handcuffs. He holds some wire in the well-known "garrotte" position. He's not even in the same room as Sophia yet, but I guess it's never too early to hold wire in that position.

A truck rolls along a road, carrying something enormous that looks like it could have come out of a nuclear power plant. There's a pickup truck in front and a pickup truck in back. That's all the security you need, you know. Why go crazy? Simon is in the rear pickup and making small talk with the driver. But then the front pickup explodes! Simon ducks down, but his driver is killed by the squads of machine-gunning goons. He tells the main truck to go.

Hansen sneaks up behind Sophia and grabs her. She clocks him with a coffeemaker and runs. He tackles her. They tussle. This scene is intercut with the trucks, where a bunch of machine-gun toting goons have popped over a rise and are shooting the place up. Simon kills a few guys and gets into the main uranium-carrying truck, but the driver is dead. Thomas pulls up. Simon shoots a goon who unwisely pokes his head into the truck. Back in the warehouse, Sophia's nearly dead when Michael shoots Hansen.

Thomas gets more goons to check out the truck, and they report that Simon's gone. Gone? The whole thing was surrounded!

Michael checks to make sure that Hansen's dead, which is a good idea. He is. He pulls Sophia together. She pulls the ear-thingy out of Hansen's ear, because she has really good eyesight, I guess. And she knows what the ear-thingy means: "Thomas. He's been playing us all along." Thomas drives a pickup in front of the truck as they pull away. Simon is hiding under a bridge and watches.

President Martinez is having a photo op with someone. Everyone's ushered out so that Sterling can report that the convoy was attacked in transit. And Thomas has the rods. That's when Martinez realizes that Thomas was clearly just waiting for the rods to be moved. Just then! Sophia calls. And Martinez is whiny, insisting that she tricked him. She says that Thomas did it, not her. Martinez says that the only way she can prove her good intentions is to give herself up. She hangs up, but Sterling says they've cracked the encryption. So they know she's in San Francisco, and her next call will identify her location precisely. Martinez says to send the best squad there to be ready. That's the same squad that keeps losing her, right? "She has played me for a fool for the last time," he vows. Martinez authorizes the use of lethal force if she would otherwise escape. No word on where Simon is or why he just watched the trucks drive away without calling out a police helicopter or something.

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The Event




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