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The Unknown Biocatalyst
eballs everyone he passes, hoping that one of them is wearing an "ALIEN COURIER" hat. This is a giant aircraft, and I don't know how he intends to get a look at the people in First Class, because they probably have those awesome sleeping pods. The sandy-haired guy is a few rows in front of Sean and Vicky, which is convenient for them. And he's looking around shiftily, which is awfully sporting of him. I don't think he'll be able to keep that up for the whole flight. No matter how shifty you feel, eventually you're going to want to see what's in the SkyMall catalog.

As the plane soars through the night, Vicky stands in the galley area and makes a flight attendant uncomfortable. As soon as the attendant leaves with a drink cart, Vicky steals the passenger manifest off a clipboard. She sneaks it back to her seat and tells Sean that there isn't anyone on it with "Alex" as their first or last name. So, she says, either Alex is a nickname or he's not on the flight. Or maybe he used a fake passport to get on the flight. Ever consider that, Vicky? Maybe it could have occurred to you at the moment that you and Sean did exactly that. Sean says he's got his eye on the sandy-haired guy who sits a few rows ahead of them. He's been acting really nervous, and when he goes to the bathroom, he brings his briefcase with him. And his briefcase just might be lung-sized. What they should do right now is look on the passenger manifest (which is right there IN SEAN'S HAND) to see what that guy's name is. Then Sean could boot up his laptop and do some research on him. There was an establishing shot that showed somebody else's laptop on an Internet browser, so this is clearly a flight with wi-fi. See, this would take advantage of Sean's established hacking skills, instead of making him out to be some kind of master kung fu artist and superspy. Let's see what he does!

...later. Because first, we have to go back to the hospital. Sterling walks into Martinez's room, where Mrs. Martinez is kneeling by his bedside. He's still in a coma. She thinks it's because of all the stress he's under, which she could have done something about. Sterling says, "Christina, this isn't your fault. Nothing you did could have helped him." She thinks he knows something about what caused this. She says she knows when he's hiding something, which seems like a bad trait for the country's top spy to have. He gets out of there before he lets something slip.

Sophia is getting a report from that acupuncturist that slipped Jarvis the tainted sweetener. Her name is Doctor Lu. And she says that either today or tomorrow, Martinez will die. Michael comes in and Sophia dismisses Lu. Sophia summoned Michael so she could mope at him about how she's letting go of what she used to be. She's not thrilled about sacrificing her principles to follow through on Thomas's plan. And the other reason she wanted Michael is so that he can "take care of" Simon. Like, take him out for a nice evening? No, the other kind. Why Michael? Because he's always been loyal. And according to Sophia, "You've never let your feelings about your family get in the way of what needs to be done." Well, except that time he was perfectly willing to fly a jet into the president's compound because his daughters had been kidnapped. I guess that doesn't count. Sophia tells him he'll do this for her, and he agrees.

Back on the plane. Sandy-hair is reading a newspaper headline that says "Martinez's Life Hangs in Balance as Jarvis Voted Acting President." Vicky comes down the aisle and "accidentally" spills a drink on the guy. He grabs his briefcase and runs for the bathroom, where he's jumped by Sean. Well, not in the actual bathroom, but in that galley area where everything always seems to take place. There's never a flight attendant around when you need one. Sean holds the guy against the bulkhead, and Vicky throws the briefcase across the floor. It pops open, and she finds a baggie of cocaine in it. But no lungs. The guy grabs his case and runs back to his seat as a flight attendant asks if everything is okay. Sean and Vicky claim that everything is fine.

Sandy-hair is back at his seat, looking even twitchier. He's not having a good flight. Sean and Vicky sit back down and start arguing about what to do next. Sean thinks they should just assume the courier is on board somewhere and alert some authorities. With any luck, they'd quarantine the plane and search it until they found the lungs. But Vicky doesn't like it because then they'd be locked in with some extremely deadly and contagious stuff. Incidentally, don't you think that if you heard someone whispering, "We have to let the authorities know there's a WMD on this flight," you'd kind of freak out? Sean wants Vicky to use her knowledge as an ex-CIA agent to get him someone he can contact. Then he turns on his laptop, because I was right about this flight having wi-fi. As he boots up his computer, Sean tells Vicky that he has finally realized that she's helping him, at least in part, because he's him. But it's hard for him to believe it. Vicky decides this would be a good thing to get offended by, so she demands to know why it's hard for him to believe she'd help him. He tries to get out of saying it exactly, but she basically insists that he remind her that she's killed and kidnapped lots and lots of people. She says that Sean has done the same things she has, but he disagrees. And then she tells him not to flatter himself because she's just doing this to protect the people she loves. She takes the laptop so she can send the message herself.

Michael goes into a pantry and gets a pistol off the top shelf. After he's tucked it into the back of his jeans, he comes back out into the kitchen, where Leila is eager to advance the plot. She's found a place about a mile into the woods where she wants to bury Luis. She claims to have been careful not to be followed. Michael tries to leave, but Leila wants to freak out about Sophia committing mass murder. Michael claims that he doesn't like it any more than Leila, but he feels that it's "us or them." Leila shares a story about this time Michael said kids shouldn't kill birds because they had a responsibility to protect the smaller and weaker things. She claims to no longer recognize him, which is weird. Because he doesn't age, see.

Sterling is alone in his office when someone comes by with the results of his requested analysis. The stain contained coffee and sucralose, a common sweetener. Oh, and an unknown biocatalyst, which was definitely synthesized, even though the US doesn't have the ability to create it. Sterling is on the case!

Jarvis is alone in his office. Well, the Oval Office, anyway. It's up to you if you think he's entitled to consider that "his" office already. Sterling comes in and tells him that he thinks the president's illness was no accident. Jarvis tries to talk his way out of it, but Sterling goes on to explain that he's had the coffee analyzed. Jarvis says, "You should have come to me with this," which is a line I never understand. As Sterling points out, that's exactly what he's doing right now. Sterling says that he has reason to believe that Sophia's involved, which means he can finally stop pretending he's not accusing Jarvis of being involved. And he finds an even more insulting way to do it, saying that Jarvis isn't smart enough to do this on his own. Then he starts warning Jarvis: "I don't know what she promised you to do what you did, but she's lying. The only reason she helped you get where you are is because she knew it would give her control of this office. You're a pawn, Ray. Her puppet!" He tells Jarvis that trusting Sophia will only lead to more death. Jarvis tells him his accusations are both baseless and outrageous, and that his resignation is accepted immediately. "You're done." Good thing for Jarvis that Sterling didn't make a copy of that lab report, huh?

Two jet fighters flank the Moscow-to-New York flight. A flight attendant announces that there's no reason to panic, but they now have a military escort and are going to land at Andrews Air Force

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