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Base in Maryland. That's not a reason to panic? Vicky thinks the bad guy might make his move now. And sure enough, a sandy-haired guy stands up and starts walking down the aisle. It's not the same sandy-haired guy as the cocaine smuggler. I guess the show thinks we just naturally expect "Alex" to be sandy-haired guys? Vicky follows the guy, but it turns out he just wants to sit by his wife. They had separate seats, but if something bad is happening, he wants to be with her. Okay, that sounds relatively legit. So Vicky sits back down.

Aaron calls Sophia to tell her the bad news: his courier has just emailed him to say the plane has a military escort. Because someone told the authorities about the WMD. Aaron suggests exposing the virus as soon as the plane lands, but Sophia thinks everyone will die too quickly to spread the flu onto other people. Yeah, you'd hate to have that happen. Aaron asks what they should do, and Sophia narrows her eyes.

Oval Office. Jarvis tells Peel that he fired Sterling, who obviously buckled under the stress and pressure of his job. Jarvis's phone rings and Peel excuses himself. It is, of course, Sophia. Jarvis tells her she should really start contacting him through the formal diplomatic channels that they've opened up, but she ignores him and gets down to business: "US fighter jets are currently escorting Aero Moscow Flight 38, bound for New York. I'd like you to order them to release their hold on that plane immediately." Jarvis tries to establish some level of control, but she tells him, "You don't need to know anything. Just do it." Jarvis mumbles about cooperation and trust, and she answers with "Look at what's left of the Washington Monument." She threatens more explosions, and also to reveal the role he played in taking down Martinez. Then she hangs up on him and he looks sad.

The fighter jets peel off and the pilot announces that the threat was deemed not credible. Sean blames Vicky's contact, but she says that Sophia must have someone on the inside.

Ah, the JFK customs line. Wait, did I say "Ah"? What I meant was, "Would you like to know about a horrible experience for everyone? Here is an example:" That's closer. The cocaine guy gets through without a problem, which I think is probably a bit of political commentary. Sean and Vicky are almost at the front of the line bickering about whether they should consider the possibility that they might not find Alex (Vicky: "Yes." Sean: "No!") when they hear one of the flight attendants (in their special line) call another one "Alexandra." Aha! "Alex" wasn't a passenger at all! This is a twist that could never have occurred to someone, even after sitting there for eleven hours on a plane, trying to figure it out! Alexandra claims that she's being picked up by her boyfriend, and Sean and Vicky try to follow her. But it turns out you can't really skip ahead in this particular line, so they have to wait until their bags are searched. I think they've only got the one duffel bag, which includes a couple of passports, an ancient scroll, and some big piles of cash. It's a good thing that won't cause any suspicion!

Jarvis is still moping in the Oval Office as he's informed that Director Sterling has been escorted out of the White House. Surely he's not still "Director" Sterling. Jarvis has a pretty good haunted look going.

Simon is now tied to a chair instead of the bed. That'll be a nice change for him. Michael hustles Carlos out of the room (we never get a look at Jason and Cameron) and levels his gun at Simon. Bang! No, of course he doesn't really shoot him. It seems odd that we've reached a point where it would be surprising if a character did what he was represented as doing. The bullet went into the wall behind Simon and Michael hastily unties him. Carlos is waiting out front when Michael asks for help with the body. Then he whangs Carlos over the head with the gun and he and Simon drag him inside. Michael's going to go find Doctor Lu and try to find an antidote for the poison they used on Martinez; Simon's going to get Leila and meet him in the northwest woods.

Apparently Sean and Vicky's duffel bag wasn't suspicious after all, because the next scene has them running through the concourse, trying to get a glimpse of Alexandra. They do surprisingly well at it, all things considered. I mean, it turns out that JFK has a lot of people in it, and many of them are dressed as flight attendants, you know? They see Alexandra on a different level from them, heading toward the parking garage. The chase is on!

In the parking garage, which is surprisingly empty, Sean and Vicky almost catch up with Alexandra. But a seemingly unrelated car veers off and tries to hit them! Sean tackles Alexandra and the driver of the car picks him up and throws him against a convenient SUV. The driver pulls a gun, but Sean kicks it away. Vicky goes after it, but by the time she's picked it up, the driver has pulled a second gun (he's surprisingly well-armed, isn't he?) and is holding it to Sean's head. He's using Sean as a human shield. Vicky points the gun at the driver, but she seems to be vacillating. Sean encourages her to take the shot. Just shoot! First of all, you're a high-skilled assassin, so you'd probably hit the driver. Second, I'm not entirely against Sean dying suddenly. But she doesn't do it. Instead, she follows the baddie's instructions to lower her gun and kick it away. Alexandra gets in the car and prepares to drive away with the lungs. The driver jumps into the car and Alexandra drives away. Sean asks, "Why didn't you take the shot?!" Vicky's only answer is "I..." Then she gets back in gear, smashing a car window and hotwiring the car. Sean nods and the chase is on! Too bad Sean doesn't have the sense to use his computer hacking ability to alert the police to the license plate number of the car they're chasing.

Someone is looking for Michael or Carlos. Let's say this is Cameron. He finds Carlos, tied up, and he runs upstairs. As he gets there, his phone rings. He immediately tells the person on the other end that Michael and Simon are gone, so the perimeter needs to be locked down before they escape.

Leila and Simon loiter in the woods, waiting for Michael. Back in Alientown proper, people gather with flashlights. Michael joins Leila and Simon, and they take off for the perimeter fence, which is fifty yards away. It looks like their pursuers are about fifteen feet away. They clamber down and up and hide behind some rocks. The people chasing them shoot at them! Michael shoots back! Leila and Simon run to the fence! You'd think "Securing the perimeter" would involve someone actually being at the fence, but apparently not. When Michael catches up, they have time for a tearful reunion. Oh, and he's bleeding from the stomach, so he collapses. Leila cradles his head and panics. Michael tells Simon to reach in his pocket for a vial that he has to get to the president as soon as he can. Michael is delirious, babbling, "Go, Leila. Go." Leila won't leave him. But she tells Simon to leave. He hesitates for a moment, but then he climbs the fence (which is apparently not electrified? That seems dumb.) and runs off. So Simon has some president-antidote and is free of Alientown. Good for him. Michael dies just as the pursuers get there. Leila is in tears as she's pulled away from him. She's dragged over to Sophia and snarls, "You did this. You killed him." Sophia makes no response.

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