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Another Setup Episode
This is happening, and Senator Lewis is in charge of getting DNA from everyone.

Hey, you know what I just realized? It's dumb that the aliens are still in this country. They should move to Canada or something. Maybe Australia. We've established that they can teleport, so there's no need to hang out in the United States all the time. Why would you stay in the one country on Earth where the government knows you exist? Hide out in an entirely different country! And while I'm at it, don't steal uranium from the country you're hiding in. That's the sort of thing that will draw attention to you. You're planning to invade the whole planet, so set up your base somewhere safe. That's my suggestion.

Leila wakes up in an empty house. This is established by her wandering around in some kind of stupor. Her father is not there, which I realize is implied by the fact that the house is empty. She goes outside to a lovely, suburban neighborhood. There are houses and lawns and cameras monitoring the streets, but no people. This is the place the aliens live. Out at the entry gate, Simon arrives in his black SUV, which means that this place is within driving distance of Washington, DC. That's the opposite of my suggestion! These guys are dummies and they deserve to get caught. Leila's wanderings are interrupted by a smiling, friendly person (who is also, if you look at him from another angle, a large, intimidating black man) who calls her by her name and says that he's been asked to look after her. He directs her back to her home. "Are you telling me I can't leave?" she asks. "There's no reason to leave. Everything you need is here. You're safe." His combination of friendliness and threats is fun!

Sophia finds a picture of Thomas and cries. She feels bad about him dying, but not the forty or so of their people that Thomas killed in Inostranka, nor the 120 or so other people that got killed along with Thomas.

Meeting time! Sophia tells a small number of named characters (and a couple of mooks) that their planet is dying, that Earth is their only hope, and that she can no longer consider this population benevolent. Because we killed a bunch of them after they killed a bunch of us, I guess. So that means, according to Sophia, "The oath no longer applies." Their star has started to implode, and two billion lives are at stake. Depending on what kind of weather they like, we could probably fit them in somewhere. Most of Siberia's not being used. Simon seemed to like the ocean; maybe we could set them up in the Pacific Ocean. I'm just saying, we've got a lot of space. And if they bring some of their advanced alien technology, we could cut some sort of deal. Do they have something that helps with food generation? That would probably help a lot.

In France, Henri shows Sean on a map where Dempsey's dig is. But Dempsey's staying at a gated estate in Morez. And Henri has a plan of attack already! He recommends attacking from the treeline just before first light. Henri's pretty helpful. He's probably just the guy you want on your side.

Sean hangs out in the garage playing on his laptop. I think he's looking at Google Maps, possibly to verify Henri's attack plan. Vicky claims she only needs two hours of sleep and asks what Sean's plan is. He figures he'll just hand Dempsey over to the French police (gendarmes, I believe they're called), but Vicky points out Sean's complete lack of proof. She thinks Dempsey will need to die. Sean sighs and turns off the ridiculous virus that would expose her son. He tells her that she's gotten him this far and has a family, but he has nothing. So Vicky's free. Hooray! Not that I care about Vicky too much, but I'm just glad that stupid "viral threat" angle has been dropped because every time it came up I wanted to go on for thousands of words about how dumb it was.

Chateau de Perrault. The guy who wrote Cinderella? Neat! Anyway, it's in Morez, France. This is where Dempsey's hanging out. Dempsey quizzes a bearded archaeologist about his work. The archaeologist is dusting an amphora and translating the pictographs. It says something about guardians. Dempsey wipes away some dust with his bare hands, which appalls the archeologist. Then Dempsey picks up a hammer and straight-up smashes the amphora to reveal a scroll. Don't they use an MRI machine or something? They should at least have heard the scroll rattling around in there. Anyway, Dempsey now has a scroll and the archaeologist appears to have lived through the scene. So, good for him!

The next morning, Sean gets into a car and admires his eyes in the mirror. I mean, they're probably being shown off so we can all admire his steely determination, but he's not supposed to admire his own determination, is he? Maybe he's trying to talk himself into the assassination he's decided to do? While he's doing whatever it is he's doing, Vicky gets into the passenger seat. She announces that she wants to redeem herself for the things she's done. And the best way to do that is to go kill Hal Holbrook. Hit it!

Martinez delivers a television address about how he's not afraid of Pakistan. He's talking to the sleepers, but everyone in the country will think he means Pakistan. I wonder what the Pakistani people think about all this. The first lady comes in to ask what this mandatory TB testing is about. He tells her it's a cover because he wants to check for sleeper DNA. She considers that a violation of civil liberties and can't believe he's going along with it. He corrects her, "I'm not going along with it. This was my idea!" He says it's a war; she says he should stick to his principles. I will remind you that I think she's probably an alien herself, since she has an elaborate backstory about not having parents. Plus, this is the sort of show that would think "The President's Wife Is an Alien!" is a neat twist.

Sophia stands by a fire on a hillside that overlooks the alien community. She looks up at the stars as Simon walks up next to her. She says either "We knew our son would die eventually" or "We knew our sun would die eventually." I thought it was the first one, because she was mopey about Thomas dying, and he was her son. But that would mean that Simon was Thomas's father, which presents a level of complication that the show probably wasn't going for. So I've decided she was probably just talking about their sun instead. Simon asks where Sophia plans to put two billion people and she has some ominous "permanent solution" planned. Although Simon admits that he disagrees with her decision, he swears loyalty to her. And that settles it, right? Obviously.

Leila shouts at her father about being forced to stay in the alien village. I don't have a lot of sympathy for her, since she's the one who decided to sneak into the meeting in the cathedral. Plus, she's probably still wanted by both the US government and the Holbrook conspiracy, so it might not be a bad idea to stay in a heavily fortified compound for a little bit. And if they're going to kill all humans, there's definitely a benefit in playing up one's alien blood. Michael just says that these are Sophia's orders. He says it will take time to get used to this place, and she freaks out about how long she'll have to stay there. Simon stops by to talk to Michael about how many humans would need to die to make room. I think they're overestimating it. Simon tells Michael that he's leaving and thinks Michael and Leila should come with him so they can warn people. "We'll be labeled traitors forever," says Michael. "I know." "We'll go with you." Leila doesn't get to decide for herself, I guess.

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