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Another Setup Episode

Hey, whatever happened to Samantha? You know, Leila's sister? The person she was absolutely obsessed with finding? Nobody seems to care much about her anymore.

Welcome to Foret de Risoux. Or possibly "du." I'm not going back to check. It's a forest in France somewhere, that's the point. Vicky thinks Sean's got a case of the Murder Shakes. To calm him down, she talks about how sometimes, when she's trying to sleep, the faces of those she's killed float up before her. Thanks, Vicky! They drive along through darkness, then make a turn at some stones that Henri told them about. They stop in a clearing and appear to think the chateau ought to be around here somewhere. Vicky tells Sean to wait by the car and climbs a nearby hill. Just then! A couple of black Land Rovers (not SUVs? France has strange customs!) pull up and people start shouting, "Allez! Allez!" I thought for a moment that this was an ambush arranged by Vicky, but she's shooting back at them. Bang, bang, kapow, etc. Sean hides behind the door of his car and also shoots back. Vicky is jumped and tussles with a guy. What's French for "goon"? She's eventually taken down, and as she's carried off, she yells for Sean to run. He does, in fact, run. A Land Rover follows him, because he's running down the middle of the trail instead of turning to the left or right and just running into the forest. He eventually jumps over a ditch and the Land Rover crashes. I guess he escapes now, although his car is still back there with the bad guys.

Vicky is brought to Dempsey in handcuffs. It's daytime, so I guess it's been a few hours. He claims that it's nice to see her again, possibly because it's the first time in a few episodes that he's had a scene with a named character. She threatens his life, because that's what she does, and he assures her that the two of them are on the same side. Are they? That seems unlikely, since 100% of Vicky's motivations are Dempsey-killing-related. He claims to be part of a long line of people. He elaborates that they are "Sentinels who have been given the task of securing us against THEM." Yeah, he's kidnapping their daughters and doping them up with old-age juice out of purely humanitarian concerns. He asks about Sean and how he could have co-opted Vicky, explaining that the reason Sean interests him is that he keeps surmounting obstacles. Does he? I guess, if having the occasional runaway RV smash into your police car counts as surmounting an obstacle. Dempsey muses about tapestries and tells a goon to kill Vicky. As Vicky's dragged out, Dempsey looks at a scroll through a magnifying glass.

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The Event




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