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Okay, Almost Definitely Aliens
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Wait. What's going on? This isn't Sean or Leila or President Martinez or even Mr. Dempsey. This is just some lady talking about her husband Roland, who apparently died. This doesn't matter even a little bit, so I'll just jump ahead and tell you that there's a lawyer here who's working for the factory that may or may not have killed Roland, and she receives a text message consisting of the number 1121944. Then we see some other people receive the same text, including a man in a restaurant, a police officer, a postal worker, and a teacher who looks like David Ogden Stiers.

We next see these people chatting about their boring lives as they gather in a generic conference room with a few hundred other people. Sophia enters and receives a standing ovation. So now we know what They are up to: they're infiltrating our law firms and, um, post offices. I have no direct experience with maintaining a giant secret population out of the sight of the government, but I'm pretty sure it's a bad idea for them all to get together for a big convention like this.

The next scene is after Sophia's presentation, which means we don't have to watch her PowerPoint presentation. It's probably a bad sign that I'm always happy when they skip things on this show. If this were Community, I'd not only insist on a PowerPoint presentation, I'd freeze-frame it constantly. However, we're rushing blindly forward to meet the next plot point. Sophia's talking to the people from the top of the show, telling them that they need some isotopes and trace materials, plus stuff they buried at the crash site. She claims they look uncomfortable, although the truth is that they have the same lack of expression that everyone on this show does. She makes the lawyer from the first scene talk, and we learn that her name is Isabel. Isabel says that she appreciates Sophia's sacrifice (sitting in an Alaskan prison for 66 years), but she and the others like it here and were kind of thinking of not going home. Incidentally, Simon is at this meeting, which seems like a CRAZY thing to be doing. As soon as he was let out of the hospital, he rushed off to a secret meeting of every single They? I guess he's 100% confident that no one suspects him of being the mole anymore. I wonder whatever happened to that guy Thomas framed. I imagine he's been interrogated pretty hard by now; you'd think they'd eventually test his blood again, just in case.

Sorry. Sometimes I follow the logic instead of where the show wants to go. That'll happen, you know? It turns out that the people from the top of the show are representatives of segments of They, and they all say that their people don't want to go home. Sophia sternly tells them that they swore an oath not to interfere with the native population of anywhere they went, because when you have a Prime Directive, that's an obligation. The guy who looks kind of like David Ogden Stiers says that their home is barely viable, which is why they're there in the first place. If they're going to just tell each other things they already know, I wish they'd just go all the way. It's not satisfying when they just vaguely allude to untold dangers. Sophia says that her orders are that they're going home. Thomas says that he and Sophia will retrieve something called the "key module" tomorrow.

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The Event




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