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Oops. I got distracted by logic again, which prevented me from following the plot. And after they went to all the trouble to put in a television report about Jarvis, which should have led smoothly into the next scene, which has Jarvis in a hospital bed. Sometimes I feel like I'm just getting in the way here. On the other hand, I also feel like the plot is basically ludicrous, so distracting people from it is a valuable service. But here we go anyway: Jarvis is in a hospital bed, which you would know if you'd read this paragraph more carefully. Martinez and Sterling are glaring at him, but he seems unconscious or comatose or something. I don't know how much time they've got blocked out for glaring, but it's interrupted by a frantic woman, who appears to be Mrs. Jarvis. She tells Martinez, "You know you're like family to him," which makes everyone uncomfortable. Martinez promises to find whoever's responsible. There should be a lot more security in this scene, between the public, attempted Vice Presidential assassination and the secret, VP-approved Presidential assassination. Say, remember that guy that walked away from the van that exploded? Do you think all the Secret Service agents in the area had the sense to arrest him?

A goon and Mr. Dempsey discuss the situation. That's a small "s"; I don't want you thinking they're huge fans of Jersey Shore. Really, they're talking so vaguely, they might actually be talking about Snooki for all I can tell. Mr. Dempsey tells the goon that there's "always a way," which is about the vaguest thing you can say about anything. He pontificates a bit about how good people die young but mediocre people live forever or something. Then he tells the goon to go pick up a girl who escaped. The goon asks if he should "administer a dose," and Mr. Dempsey approves this plan. Also, he should kill any witnesses he runs across.

Sean and Leila are at the house in Tulsa. Already. Even though they just told us that it was twelve hours away, and the news report in the hotel room meant that the timeline was allegedly in sync with the DC timeline. But here we are in Tulsa. I don't wish to start a fight with the good people of Tulsa, but I feel like this show could select more high-profile locations. The woman in the house doesn't want to talk to them, because she's obviously hiding a deep, dark secret. We as the audience already assume that the secret is that her little girl now has the face of an old lady, which kind of drains the excitement out of this scene. Leila does her usual thing where she begs to get help finding Samantha. Sean doesn't say anything, which is probably for the best. He's proven fairly ineffectual at begging for things.

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