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The woman reluctantly lets them into the house, where there are bags packed for a quick escape. She tells them that Abby (her little girl, who recently escaped) is resting and can't talk to them. Anyway, Abby doesn't remember anything before being found at a truck stop in Stillwater. Then the mother gets abstract, saying, "Everything should be fine. But it's not." Then she gets mad at Sean and Leila, telling them they don't know what it's like. But she also won't tell them what she's talking about, which is just unhelpful. A jerk enters, and he appears to be Abby's father. He shouts a lot about how nobody's allowed to see Abby. Or even talk about her. Leila makes a really good point about how Abby might be able to help free the other little girls, but Jerky McGee over here doesn't care. Besides, he claims, Abby doesn't remember anything at all, so there's no point in asking her anything. Just then! A little girl in a hooded sweatshirt wanders into the room. Abby (for it is she, although we don't see her face) apparently heard the yelling, and she asks if Leila is Samantha's sister. So she clearly not only remembers things, she was even there when Samantha was brought there and is willing to talk about it. So naturally, the jerk shouts some more and threatens to call the police. Sean makes Leila leave. Even though it seems like this little girl has concrete information on the conspiracy that's attached to an attempt on the President's life, so maybe it's the sort of thing that the police should be involved in.

More hot make-outs! This time it's Thomas and Isabel. I feel like somebody has decided the most exciting way to start a scene is to have two people rolling around in a bed. Thomas assures Isabel that Sophia doesn't suspect a thing. And as though that weren't enough hubris, he tells her to stop doubting him. She kind of rolls her eyes and goes through a series of instructions about Elevator #3 and plastic sheeting for hiding Sophia's body and so on.

Sophia and Thomas are on a private jet. I wonder who's flying it. I also wonder if Sophia, who is currently the subject of a nationwide hunt by the combined might of the entire United States law enforcement and intelligence community, actually went to an airport. Oh, and I guess I go on to wonder where they're going. The show will not bother to explain any of that, because it's apparently more interesting to watch Sophia and Thomas bicker about how Sophia doesn't like Thomas's methods. It's not just the enormous financial empire (which presumably paid for the private jet she's currently enjoying); she's also still mad that Thomas teleported that Avias Air jet out of the sky in full view of everyone. And then threatened to kill the passengers. Thomas defends the teleportation on the grounds that it saved Sophia's life, and the threatened mass murder as the thing that got her out of that Alaskan prison. She says that the detainees could have escaped from Inostranka at any time, but that they stayed so as to protect the ones who were on the outside. Then she tells Thomas that he was afraid of the rain when he was a child (and so much for that bit about them being from a place without water), so she locked him outside during a heavy downpour or something, which made him cry, and from that she concludes that he's stupid and weak. Then they exchange apologies. This whole time, Thomas has been looking twitchy and Sophia has been looking serene, which is the nice way to say "expressionless." I kind of hope he does kill her at this point.

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The Event




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