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Okay, Almost Definitely Aliens

Leila doesn't have any questions about the injections. Instead, she wants Abby to talk about the place she was kept. It was like a hospital, according to Abby, "but not for regular people." She saw something in a trash can, and there was a triangle on it. Abby's mother says that the police found that too vague. When Abby got out, there was a really big tower across the street, like a water tower. Then, I guess, this little girl hitched a ride with a trucker from Los Angeles to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Sure.

Out in the parking lot, Sean watches the father exit the convenience store with some bags of snacks. Well, I guess they might be food, but in my experience that's not what gas station convenience stores specialize in. The goon approaches with gun drawn, because he's got the same definition of "covert" as Sean does. Sean jumps out of his car and warns the father. The goon shoots! Leila, Abby and the mother come out of the restroom. Bang! Ptow! The father ducks behind a tractor, but he gets hit in the leg. Everyone else runs into a cornfield. This gas station is cornfield-adjacent. There's nothing wrong with building your gas station next to a place that can be host to an exciting chase scene. The mother falls and Sean stays with her as Leila and Abby run off as a team, with Leila slightly ahead of Abby. The goon finds the mother's purse and looks around at the rustling sheaves. I might mean "stalks" instead of "sheaves." Sean peels off from the mom to draw the goon away, but the goon hears Abby complaining and goes in that direction instead. Leila seems to be getting too far in front of Abby, and the goon is just about to catch up to the girl, when Suddenly! Sean tackles the goon! I guess Leila led him around past Sean? Now there's a fight between a trained, well-armed goon, and Sean. Who had emergency back-alley bullet surgery last episode, and also has a hurt leg for some reason. Maybe it happened when that Winnebago slammed into his police car? Anyway, the goon starts choking Sean, and Sean grabs a big rock and bashes the goon in the head. Wham! Abby and the mom are still running, which might be a good idea.

Sean and Leila stand over the fallen goon and comment that he's not dead yet. So we're going to get another ineffectual interrogation scene in the next episode, I guess. Sean searches the goon and finds a piece of paper, which features a picture of his target: Leila! Not Abby! Shocking swerve! Although... weren't Dempsey's people already looking for Leila and Sean?

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The Event




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