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By the way, I've freeze-framed on Leila's dossier here, so here's what we know about her. She was born in in 1984 in Atlanta, she's five-foot-two and 125 pounds. Her father is Michael Buchanan, her mother is Valora Buchanan (I think this is the first time we got her name), and her sister is Samantha Buchanan. Her friends are Sean Walker, Jamie Harrell and Bort Escolo. Bort? That has to be a Simpsons reference. Her education is "MIT (Biochemistry)" and she's listed as a capable hiker and rock climber. And she's an Atlanta sports fan. So there you go!

Back to DC. Jarvis regains consciousness, and his wife is there to kiss him. A doctor is there, too. You'd think someone would be there to interrogate him. He tells his wife that he needs to talk to President Martinez, but his wife doesn't want him to. And here's my favorite part of the episode, so I want to make sure I transcribe it accurately. "Someone came to the house. Two men. Raymond. They knew our children's names. They know where they are. The said no matter where we go or what we do, they'll find us. They'll do terrible things to me and terrible things to our children."

Okay. Here's the thing. This is the Vice President of the United States we're talking about. When she says someone "came to our house," she's talking about the Vice President's official residence on the northeast grounds of the United States Naval Observatory. It's slopping over with security. Two guys can't just stop by that house without going through a huge security wall. And if the VP has just survived an assassination attempt, I'd imagine it's even more secure. Now, about that part where the mysterious men knew the names of the Jarvis children. I understand that that's going to feel threatening to a regular citizen. You're going to think, "How did these mysterious men learn so much about me?" However, the Vice-Presidential children are a matter of public record. On Wikipedia, they're in a convenient box on the right side of the screen. Hell, Sarah Palin didn't even get to be Vice President, and we all know all about her children. Dick Cheney had a daughter who was on news shows all the time. It's just not reasonable for the Vice President's wife to find it scary that someone knows her children's names.

Okay. The Second Lady finishes by snarling, "You think about our children!" just before Martinez and Sterling and that whole crowd enters. You think those kids are going to have a good life if their father goes up the river for attempted assassination?

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