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Sophia surprises Isabel by the lake. Isabel claims that she was only doing what Thomas wanted, but Sophia knows that her son is too big a chump to come up with plans by himself. She can't just ignore Isabel's disloyalty, so she tells her to get down on her knees. Sophia has a gun, but she's not going to shoot Isabel. She says that the cruelest punishment would be to exile Isabel so none of her people would ever acknowledge her existence again. Then she hands Isabel the gun. She says that since the gun has only one bullet, Isabel can't be sure of killing Sophia (although I don't see why she couldn't shoot Sophia, then take advantage of her wounded state to finish her off; surely the person with a gun with one bullet has an advantage over the person with no bullets at all), so Isabel has to prove her loyalty. After some crying, Isabel shoots herself in the kneecap. Sophia tells her to remember that this world isn't hers or Thomas's and walks away. Because when you're a secret alien race and there's a massive hunt for you, you definitely want to be firing off guns in public places and leaving one of your own in a big pool of blood. Isabel's lawyer job will also be hard for her to maintain, I'd think.

Next week: the fall finale! Is that a thing now?

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The Event




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