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Chapter Two

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A Descent into the Bloody Madhouse
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Previously on The Following: English professor Joe Carroll murdered a bunch of women to make himself feel like Edgar Allan Poe. FBI agent Ryan Hardy caught him, in the process nailing Carroll's wife and getting himself stabbed. Eight years later Carroll escaped from prison and Ryan, no longer an agent, came back to the bureau to help catch the bastard. While he was in the joint, Carroll amassed a cult of followers who will continue doing his nasty work while he's imprisoned. Some of those followers kidnapped Carroll's son.

We pick up on the front porch of a sorority house, where Carroll's acolyte, former prison guard Jordan Raines, is pretending to be concerned for a young lady's safety. Ha! He asks if he can check the doors and windows, and the woman, who is a member of Delta Rho Gamma at Winslow University in Virginia (which I think is where Carroll was originally a professor?), lets him in. Raines follows the woman upstairs, and says she doesn't need to wake her housemates. He follows her into an empty room, which she says is "Jessie's room." He says, "I know. I've studied this house a lot." This seems like a good time to run screaming, no?

Raines starts unpacking a bag he'd stashed in the room earlier, and explaining to the woman that it's important to have the right tools. "I've been planning this a long time," he says earnestly. She still, incredibly, does not run screaming.

Claire's house. She's watching the news, which is about her son's kidnapping, as Ryan comes in. He explains that they think Denise, the nanny who took Joey, is one of Carroll's followers, like the neighbors who helped Carroll kill Sarah Fuller. Claire says she did a background check and asked for references, which Ryan asks to see.

Cute Agent Mike shows up and says they found traces of sedatives that Denise used to drug the guards. They also found her car forty-five minutes away. Claire hands over a folder about Denise. Ryan asks if Claire ever met any of Denise's friends, but Claire says Denise often talked about her mom, whom she was close to, and she was shy and read in her room a lot. She asks Ryan if she was just impossibly naive, and he says she shouldn't think like that.

An SUV pulls up in front of a house in the country and a small blond kid jumps out and runs off, screaming. One of the men in the car grabs him, and it turns out the kid is laughing rather than screaming in terror. Denise tells Joey they're at a friend's house, and he asks if he can call his mom. Denise says Claire told him they shouldn't call, and that they're on an adventure.

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