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Chapter Two

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A Descent into the Bloody Madhouse

The other guy (because I can't remember which one was supposed to be Will and which was Billy, and anyway, those were aliases, right?) tells his not-gay boyfriend that he hates kids, but the one who likes kids insists that he pretend he does. "I'd rather snap his neck," Grumpy Gus says. "I'm kidding," he says after a moment when it looks like they're going to make out. Denise asks if there's a problem, and Grumpy insists there's not. He goes inside while Denise and her not-gay boyfriend make out a little. It's killing me trying to figure out who the grumpy one looks like. Ah! It's Jason O'Mara. He looks like a cut-rate O'Mara. Which means I guess he gets to be in the Stephanie Plum direct-to-DVD sequels.

At the federal detention center in Richmond, Ryan is helpfully watching the news. Mike shows up and points out the teams that are handling the searches for Joey and Raines, respectively, and introduces an FBI cyber forensics expert, Agent Mitchell, who tells him that "Denise" doesn't exist. Mike says they've identified the not-gay boyfriends, Jacob and Paul (Paul is the one who hates kids). Paul has a background in fraud, so it's his job to make all the fake IDs.

Ryan asks where Mason is and goes looking for her. He finds Agent Riley and Marshal Turner talking with a new lady about how Ryan is unstable and should be taken off the case. The new lady is Agent Debra Parker. Mason has been sent back to Quantico for letting Ryan break Carroll's fingers. Eh. I'm no lawyer, but I feel like the Eighth Amendment would be cool with that as regards vicious lady-butcherers.

Parker tells Ryan that Turner hates him, but since Carroll is so insistent on Ryan being part of his sequel, they can't really carry out this investigation without him. Ryan says he wants a gun. She asks when was the last time he had a drink. Ryan insists that the director of the FBI was the one who brought him in, so he should at least be armed, and Parker brings it back to his faulty ticker. Ryan's all, um, missing kid, ticking clock? Maybe my fucked-up-edness isn't the most important thing here?

Parker asks Ryan to tell her about Carroll's accomplices, starting with Raines. Parker doesn't want to use the word "cult," then brings up the letter Carroll sent to Claire, which mentioned Ryan and Claire's relationship. Riley chooses that moment to stick his head in and say they have more dead bodies.

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