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Chapter Two

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A Descent into the Bloody Madhouse

Inside the house, there are abandoned takeout food containers and literal writing on the wall. Emma has created a shrine all over the walls -- pictures of Poe, snippets of writing, floor plans (of Claire's house?), and even a shelf full of creepy rubber Poe masks. And that's what I'll be seeing when I close my eyes tonight. On a chair, Ryan finds a copy of his book. And then one of the Poe masks comes alive -- there was a person standing at the end of the shelf, wearing a mask, which was at the same height as the other three -- and rushes at Ryan. The man in the mask knocks him down and holds him at gunpoint (Ryan, of course, still isn't armed. Although they're in Virginia. If he wanted a gun, he could just go buy a gun, I'm pretty sure). The man tells him he shouldn't be here, that he's going to die, but not today. Of course not today. There are thirteen more episodes.

Mike comes in -- way to provide backup there, buddy -- and says the good news is there were no dead puppies. That IS good news. But the bad news is this place really does look like a cult. Parker finally agrees. She asks if Ryan is sure the man who attacked him wasn't Raines, and he says the height and weight didn't match. He thinks they were never supposed to find this place, that it looks like the cult's HQ. Parker muses that Carroll was using Poe as a religion and preying on people who spend a lot of time on the Internet and might also have some other mental disorders. She finishes, "Or some crap like that." Yeah, agreed on the last part. Parker says she runs the FBI's alternative religion unit, and specializes in cults. So that's great.

Jacob, Paul and Emma huddle up around a laptop and check out what the world thinks of them. Jacob doesn't like the photo of him that the news is using. Emma asks if they've heard from Raines, and Paul mentions the dead sorority girls. "Score for the village idiot," Jacob says. Emma asks Paul to go watch Joey while she humps Jacob. He leaves, reluctantly, and Emma asks Jacob if she's sure Paul is straight, since he's acting so jealous. Jacob says he's just having difficulty adjusting, since for so many years it was just the two of them. Emma says that this is what Joe wanted. Yeah, I'm sure Carroll's primary goal was to get Emma a cute pixie haircut and a boyfriend.

Flashback. Emma, visiting Carroll in jail, asks what he thinks of her hair. She says her mom thinks it makes her look like a boy or a lesbian. Carroll says her mother doesn't understand, and he likes it. Her hair is really cute. Kind of like Winona Ryder's when she was dating Matt Damon. He says he knows someone else who might like it, and she asks if he wants to set her up. Clearly she's angling for a jailhouse marriage here and a conjugal visit that might or might not get her eyes severed from her head. Carroll says he loves when she visits, but she needs to make more friends.

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