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Chapter Two

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A Descent into the Bloody Madhouse

So then Emma and Jacob met in a café, and it was crazy cult love at first sight. Her contribution to his life (or maybe it was Paul's influence?) seems to be getting him to stop combing his hair like a Lego man. Back in the present, when Jacob has discovered hair product, they make out on a couch.

At Emma's old house, Riley says he has nine different people's handwriting and four people's prints. The masked man was living there, they think, from the unmade bed and reasonably fresh food. Ryan is fixating on a clipping on the wall about Claire filing for divorce from Carroll.

Flashback. Claire opens a bottle of wine and asks Ryan if it's okay that she's happy to be divorced. (I dunno. I have known some jubilant divorced ladies. And none of them were married to serial killers. That I know of.) She hands him a glass of wine and toasts to being a single lady, then asks Ryan to kiss her. They banter flirtily about how she's sure she wants him to kiss her, like, she's really, really sure, and then they kiss.

Present. Paul tells Jacob they got an update from someone named Rick, telling them the FBI found Emma's house. So maybe Rick is a follower who's in the FBI, or connected to the investigation some other way? Ooh, I hope it's Marshal Turner. Jacob can't believe they found the house, and asks if Raines was there. Paul says Rick was -- oh, so he's the masked man -- and he wants Emma to call him. Paul bitterly says it's because Emma's in charge, so he doesn't get to know important things. Jacob protests it's just because Emma was, like, Carroll's ur-follower. Of course she comes in as they're having this discussion, and if I were Paul I wouldn't sleep too soundly in the same house as this nutbar. Oy. Jacob also seems to have a tattoo of Poe on his left arm.

Flashback. Jacob has been invited for dinner with Emma and her mom. Slutty Mom asks Jacob what he does, and he, still with his Lego hair, says he's in between jobs at the moment. Slutty Mom says Jacob is too pretty to work, and goes on to say how she can't believe Jacob and Emma are dating. Emma comes in carrying the salad she was chopping, and Jacob says he thinks Emma is the most amazing woman. Slutty Mom snarks, "So you like the no-fuss plain Janes? That's sweet. Most boys don't." Emma stabs her mother in the back, no expression on her face. Jacob watches, looking either shocked or turned on. Maybe both. Emma stoically watches her mother die on the floor and Jacob breathes, "You really did it." In the present, they give each other sex eyes. Not literally. Although on this show, you never know.

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