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Chapter Two

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A Descent into the Bloody Madhouse

Claire's house. The FBI has finished installing more window locks, and seriously, is she staying in that house?! Ryan agrees with me, and says he can take Claire someplace else. She says, "Where?" and he doesn't answer, which seems kind of dumb to me. She's basically agreeing, dude. Take her to a damn hotel. Ryan tells Claire she should get some sleep, and she asks him not to go. She says she doesn't trust anyone but him, since everyone else who's supposedly been protecting her is a moron. Ryan says he isn't going anywhere. Claire curls up in Joey's bed and hugs his stuffed monkey. Ryan just stands there.

In the kidnap house, Paul watches Joey sleep (hugging a duplicate stuffed monkey. That Emma sure is thorough). He skulks through the darkened house and sticks his head in the master bedroom. He watches Emma and Jacob have sex.

At the prison, a guard brings Parker to Carroll's cell. Through the slot in the door, she hands him a large volume of Poe he requested. Hmm. So we are to suspect she's the mole now.

Ryan takes off his jacket and sits in a chair next to where Claire is sleeping. He turns off the light and watches her.

On a daytime street, the man in the Poe mask walks up behind some random guy trying to buy a cup of coffee from a cart, pours gasoline on his head, and lights him on fire. Oh, that's great.

Next week: Ryan wonders if the cult is limited to just six people (hint: I doubt it). The Emma-Jacob-Paul love triangle gets stickier when she slashes Paul with a knife. Ryan interrogates Raines the same way he did Carroll, and a screaming lady jumps out of a closet. So, more of the same.

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