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All in the Family
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Just when you think a show like The Following is devoid of family values, it goes and gives you this heavily familial picture. Joe finds his way to a suburban paradise, Lily reunites with her "children," and Ryan and Max team up for real.

But first, we must tackle Joe’s little moment of suburban bliss. Joe and Mandy appear to be spying on a single mother and moments later, it seems Joe has stolen her baby. In reality, Joe’s an old friend of the single mother who’s thrilled to see him alive, but really, we should have seen that coming.

Over at Ryan’s, Max is mothering him again while he takes a relatively long time to get the part where he reveals that Lily is clearly drawing Joe out. Ryan buries the lede by talking about why he’s removing himself from the investigation. Again, he says that he gets too close to people and they die (oh my GAWD, we get it, dude). He wants Max out too because he’s afraid she’ll get caught. But this wouldn’t be much of a plot if she sat down and said, "Alright, Uncle," so she refuses. Ryan argues that he wants to protect her because she’s his only family, but she’s a tough cookie and she’s rather concerned about protecting Ryan herself.

The FBI, as usual, is way behind on the follower trail. They interrogate Emma’s friend, but she knows nothing. They know Lily’s a billionaire with foreign accounts and no record of birthing the creepy twins, but nothing else. And they know that David -- the guy Luke stabbed when the twins attacked Lily at the Met -- probably knows something, but that gets them nowhere because David thinks Lily is innocent and lawyers up.

While the feds scramble, Lily reaches her chateau with her twins. She lectures Luke for killing Carlos because it doesn’t give Joe a sense of stability…wow. So they’re basically just really well-organized, well-funded stalkers. Lily also sent Giselle into Manhattan to "take care of David." He’s not with them, but she doesn’t want the FBI talking to him. And since Giselle’s been jonesing to kill someone, we can bet that’s what "take care of" means.

At the chateau, Lily reunites with her "children," which are various young people including two young French guys and a French girl. "You kids. You bring me so much joy," she says like a picture-perfect June Cleaver. She then tries to include Emma, who’s standing off to the side like the punk cliché the costume department dressed her as, but Emma resists no matter how many times Lily says "You’re so, so welcome." She says that Emma is probably overwhelmed but that she’s so welcome. Emma just scowls, probably because this is the freakiest murderous set of Leave it To Beaver folks she’s ever seen.

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