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The Great Joe-dini
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We open on Mark leaving a sleeping Emma in the art room. He looks on longingly because he can’t understand the difference between someone sleeping and someone actually liking him. But when he moves on to find Luke, he realizes his more crazed brother his hiding something: Giselle’s dead body. Luke is trying to pretend she’s not dead, but Mark finally shakes him out of it and Luke admits that Ryan Hardy killed her. Cue facial expressions not unlike that of the dramatic hamster.

At FBI headquarters, Mike tries to promote the theory of Joe Carroll swapping his half-brother’s dead body and surviving the explosion, plus he’s certain there’s a mole in the FBI. Mendez, however is elitist and stubborn a fault and tells him that since he’s only a consultant and he suffered psychological issues as a result of last year’s investigation, he’s probably just making it up and he should "feel free" to go home. (Oh my gosh, Agent Mendez. You can’t just tell people they have psychological problems. Rude.)

Back at the crappy Connecticut motel where he stumbled upon Max and collapsed from his gunshot wound, Ryan is once again watching conveniently-timed media coverage of Lily while Max starts to fix up his wound. They’re a little worried about Giselle having given away their location, but Max has paid the hotel manager to tip them off to any suspicious activity (she also bribes this apparently spineless nobody to stay silent about all the weird stuff they do later in the episode, too).

As she dresses the wound, Max and Ryan have a mini-heart-to-heart about how he thought she was dead (yeah, we can remember last week, friend). She tells him that he needs to stop thinking he can do this thing alone (yes, seriously, listen to the incredibly smart lady). This prompts Ryan to get on the phone with Mike and inform him that he knows where Lily and Joe is, hoping that Mike will bring the entire FBI up with him. But Mike has seen first-hand how Mendez’ hubris is causing the investigation to go south and he heads up alone.

In a significantly less bloody post-coital chat, Lily tells Joe they’ll be found eventually and that they should take her private plan to Venezuela and live at her estate. It’s just so beautiful there. He seems hesitant (because she’s a complete psycho), but she says that there is no extradition there so they could be the Brady Bunch of criminals: he could write under a pseudonym and she could paint and they could all be a happy family. He says he’ll "consider" it, but crazy Lily can’t comprehend why someone wouldn’t want his entire future decided by a crazy woman who just served him a future cadaver in a cage and speaks in creepy, motherly riddles. "What other options do you have?" she barks. "Literally all of them," is the subtext of Joe’s comment that others do exist.

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