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Previously on The Following: Carroll escaped from prison to live in his luxurious cult house with his kidnapped son, so Claire is in protective custody. Amanda tried to kill all the other Claire Matthewses and forced Ryan to admit he's still in love with Claire. And after Ryan stabbed Paul and Emma abandoned him and Jacob to fend for themselves, Jacob smothered Paul, then showed up at the cult house to glare pissily at Emma.

Jacob wakes up in the cult house and Paul comes out of the bathroom, a towel around his waist, all muscles and tan skin and, notably, no stab wound in the gut. Paul sits down on the edge of the bed and tells Jacob to get in the shower already, silly, and Jacob's freaking out, because, of course, Paul is dead. Jacob wakes up, goes into the bathroom, and sees Emma, throat slit and covered in blood, in the tub. And then he wakes up for real, screaming.

Richmond. Parker tells Ryan that Amanda has been babbling about all her idiotic opinions, like her horoscope and how she doesn't believe in evolution, but she's not saying anything related to Carroll. Ryan wants to talk to her, but it's the D.C. feds' show now. Ryan appeals to Donovan, who says he'll only recommend it if the others can't break her. Then he tells them about the break in their security, the one that allowed Roderick to figure out where Claire's being held. Donovan wants Ryan to call Claire and convince her to move locations, but Ryan demands to speak to Claire in person instead, and to be in charge of her security now. Donovan's all, you don't actually work here! But as usual, they let Ryan have his way.

At the cult house, two new followers are explaining how they'll get to Claire, and Carroll asks if they're ex-military. They say they're better -- they were raised in "Constitutional extremist" militias. Carroll tells Roderick to go with him, but he has to go to his legit job today. But it wasn't a request -- Carroll reminds Roderick that he's fucked up twice, so this time he better not fail to come home with Claire.

Emma brings Joey into the front hall, and he's delighted to see Jacob, who sweeps the boy up into his arms. Joey asks where Paul is. Emma repeatedly asks to speak with Jacob alone, but Jacob's not having it. Rather, he asks Joey to give him a tour of Lunatic HQ.

Huntington County, PA. The motel where Claire's hiding out. She's pacing around in her room while FBI agents monitor the room on closed-circuit cameras. Ryan arrives, greets the FBI agent who introduces himself as Ferguson, and goes in to speak with Claire. She hugs him and asks what the hell is going on--why isn't she allowed to watch TV? Ryan tells her about last week's ClaireHunt, and she exclaims about why the FBI hasn't been able to track down Carroll. Because there are five more episodes in this season, Claire. None of what Ryan tells her--his followers have excellent tactical skills, some are ex-military--reassures Claire, since these loonies have her son. Ryan tells her they need to move some place safer.

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