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Let the Circle (of Eyeballs) Be Unbroken
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Previously on The Following: Claire walked back into her ex-husband's clutches, but she wasn't ready to play happy family with him, so he kept banging Emma. The FBI tracked the cult's militia buddy Daniel Monroe, so Carroll, Jacob and Vince went to bump him off. Mike, newly out of the hospital, got himself all bashed up again. And then Roderick introduced himself to the feds.

My thanks to the clever forum poster who realized that the circumstances of Ryan's father's death basically means he's Batman. Except he's the shlubby, drunk, reclusive Batman from the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises, just shambling around Wayne Manor in his bathrobe, collecting his pee in bottles. I think that makes Molly Catwoman, no?

So we open at the Havenport sheriff's station, with Roderick explaining what his people are doing to help the investigation. Parker thanks him for his help, and Roderick sounds disappointed when he says this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened around here. He leaves the room just as Mike comes in, and I'm already tired of this sliding-doors game the show is going to play with the two of them.

Parker sends Mike off to help Mitchell in the computer lab, and as he's on his way back, he hears Roderick on the phone. He freezes, then pulls out his phone and dials. When Roderick comes out of the office, Mike draws on him and tells him to put his hands up. Roderick recognizes him, considers his options, and then walks away. Mike, of course, doesn't want to shoot him because Roderick knows where Carroll is, he thinks, so Roderick tells his deputies to tackle Mike while he just strolls out the door.

Donovan instructs the other agents to figure out who among the sheriff's department is a cultie. You'd think after their adventure with Officer Shoots Mike In the Chest back in Dutchess County they would've thought of this already, but that would be presuming that anyone on this show has the capacity to learn from their damn mistakes. Ryan asks Mike if he's okay, and Mike regretfully moans that Roderick was right in front of him. Ryan brushes off Mike's self-recrimination, because why should anyone take any responsibility for their fuck-ups? It's not like people's lives are at stake or anything.

Parker informs everyone that Roderick's real name is Tim Nelson and he's from Virginia. He went to Winslow University -- the school where Carroll taught -- and he minored in literature. So guess who his adviser was? Ryan thinks the culties will try something now that they know Roderick's been exposed.

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