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Let the Circle (of Eyeballs) Be Unbroken

Ryan and Roderick arrive at a house and go inside to look for Joey. And then the trunk of the cruiser pops open and Mike climbs out. Hee! Mike! He calls Parker to tell her what's up. She's with Donovan, and I grudgingly give the FBI points for doing something reasonably smart. Inside, Roderick's being all cagey about where Joey is. He walks past a sampler on the wall quoting Rudyard Kipling's "If": "Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it." I'm sure that's significant. Please share your theories. Joey starts hollering from inside a closet. Ryan opens the door, pulls the tape off his mouth and unties his hands as Roderick reaches for a gun under a sofa cushion.

As Roderick is about to shoot Ryan, Mike pops up and tells him to drop his weapon. He doesn't, but before Mike can say anything else or let him escape again, someone shoots him from outside the sliding glass doors he's standing in front of. Ryan shields Joey, then tells him to stay put. OH MY GOD, DO NOT LEAVE THIS CHILD ALONE AGAIN, RYAN.

Ryan and Mike caucus about the shooters outside. They decide it's the culties, because who else would it be, honestly. Joey huddles in a corner while Follower Michael and Ethan pepper the house with bullets until Jacob tells them to stop because they might hit Joey. Mike calls in the cavalry. Ryan tells Joey to go with Mike, who leaves the kid alone AGAIN to go check out a noise. And of course one of the followers is in the house and immediately starts trying to kill Mike. The other one attacks Ryan. They wrestle, and then Ryan shoots him. Mike and the follower attacking him wrestle over a knife before Mike kills him, too. Bye, redshirts.

Jacob finds Joey, who's whimpering, throws him over his shoulder and hustles outside. Mike and Ryan chase them and actually catch up this time. Jacob hides behind a tree with Joey and fires at Ryan and Mike, hollering that he has to bring Joey back to Carroll. Ryan replies that Carroll doesn't care if Jacob lives or dies, and pleads with him to do what's best for Joey.

The cavalry arrives as Ryan continues negotiating with Jacob, who's crying now. Joey begs Jacob to let him go. Ryan and Mike close in slowly, Ryan still telling Jacob he can end all this. He finds Joey behind a tree, alone. The kid says, "You're Ryan Hardy. Mom said you're one of the good guys." (In bed. Boom. Fortune cookie'd.) Ryan picks up Joey and carries him toward the cop cars.

Ryan carries Joey into the sheriff's station as a reporter tells the world that Joey has been rescued. In the cult house, Claire is watching and crying. Carroll sneers at her and snaps the TV off, grumbling about "Ryan bloody Hardy."

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