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Let the Circle (of Eyeballs) Be Unbroken

Jacob's room. He's wearily taking his jacket off when Emma knocks and comes in. I... I am legit concerned she will kill him. She wants to know what happened. Instead of explaining, Jacob says he has a feeling they're going to die soon. Emma strokes his face. Apparently she's turned on by failure.

Carroll pounds away at his laptop, scowling. Claire comes into his study and he tells her to fuck off while he's writing. She yells to get his attention and tells him she wants to make a deal: she'll stay and do what he wants if he gives up chasing Joey. He doesn't believe she'd be happy staying with him without their son, but Claire pleads for a chance to convince him; maybe she can be happy with him again, she says. He's not convinced, since he knows she's still scared of him, but Claire leans in and kisses him. And then she pulls out a knife and stabs Carroll in the gut. Clever girl.

But it wasn't enough to incapacitate him, because Carroll catches her at the door as she's trying to run away (run toward the EXTERIOR doors, Claire!). Several followers come and drag her away as Carroll collapses on the floor, bleeding.

Sheriff's department. A woman asks to speak to Ryan. He's looking at maps of the area when Carroll calls him, swilling scotch and clutching a bandage to his ventilated abdomen. He stammers that things are terrible and he has to do a complete rewrite. Ryan's like, I am fucking bushed, man, so can you get to the point? Carroll rambles goofily, "Claire is no longer our leading lady," and then sobers when he says, "Sadly, it is time for Claire to die." He hangs up and flings his glass into the fire.

Mike tells Ryan about the woman who wants to talk to him. In another room, while an FBI agent holds a gun on her, Donovan asks who she is. She says her name is Melissa and she wants to help. Parker decides she's trustworthy and tells them to bring her back, but when Donovan turns to leave the room, Melissa leaps on his back and stabs him in the eye with a hairpin. Mike and Ryan shoot her, but eeeek.

Next week: Pen-cult-imate episode! Screaming! Shooting! Some new mad lady!

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