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I Know Why the Caged Girl Screams
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Previously on The Following: This show was supposed to be a 15-episode one-and-done, but then Fox got all greedy and renewed it, so you know Ryan will never actually have that heart attack/get stabbed in the face and Carroll will never get caught and WHAT IS THE POINT?

Emma and Joey pull into a garage in their Ava-provided SUV. Joey's asking for his mom, and then later for Jacob and Paul, but Emma tells him they're meeting a friend. Eventually she gets fed up with all his questions and hushes him. Emma knocks and a man with a scar on his face and a neck tattoo introduces himself as Bo. Emma sends Joey off to the restroom by himself in this horrible place (although it's helpfully marked. You don't want any confusion in your creepy dungeon). Right across from the bathroom door is another door that's chained shut, but not very tightly, because Joey's able to push it open enough for him to get in. He walks into a room full of cages. A woman in one of the cages begs him not to leave her there. Joey flees. As would we all.

Carroll, his lawyer and some authorities from the prison watch the video of Ryan breaking three of Joe's fingers as OctoLawyer Olivia cites all sorts of amendments and precedents. Carroll starts speechifying pompously and I will only be satisfied if this show ends with Carroll getting his stupid tongue cut out.

Claire is telling Parker about Charlie and her idiotic kidnapping. She says Charlie had an "honor" about him, if by honor you mean total crazy eyes. Ryan comes in and hands her a cup of tea as Claire is telling Parker about Roderick and the connection to The Fall of the House of Usher. Ryan mentions that Emma got a call from Roderick at the farmhouse, and Parker speculates he's Carroll's field marshal. Claire asks if they know how many people are involved, and if they're fans or groupies or crazy people, although it seems obvious they're all three. Parker asks if they can trust her not to run off with more of Carroll's minions, and she says they can't, any more than she can trust them to find Joey. She has a point there; Ryan and Parker are TERRIBLE at their jobs. Parker wanly asks her to tell them if the minions check in again. At no point does Claire mention that it was OctoLawyer who connected her with Charlie, but she does tell Ryan he needs to find Charlie because he knows where Joey is.

Garage. Emma asks Bo when Charlie is coming. He doesn't answer, but then Joey reappears, looking stricken. He tells Emma about the woman in the cage, and Bo yells at him that he wasn't supposed to go back there. Emma stands between the hollering man and her bargaining chip, and it's kind of about time Joey got scared? Like, he's not a very smart kid if this is the first thing that's worrying him. Emma asks Bo about Cage Girl and he tells her to shut up and wait for Roderick/Charlie/Godot/whomever.

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