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I Know Why the Caged Girl Screams

Ryan finds the dead security guard. He just about catches up with David in a stairwell and manages to lose his weapon when David slams the door on his arm. Stairs and running: not Ryan's strong suit. And then Carroll shows up, pointing a gun at him and monologuing about "you, me, us, here, in this moment?" Jesus Christ, shut up, Joe. He's angry about the lack of drama of Ryan dying in a parking garage, and this is the first time he actually seems insane rather than just bemused and pretentious. David is frantically masturbating over in the corner while Ryan looks bored, even, when Carroll tells him this is just the end of the beginning of their story. Guess someone got the memo about that second-season pickup.

Ryan is listening to the helicopters outside as Carroll rants some more and Louise tells him it's time to go. David, holding Ryan at gunpoint, tells them to call him when they've gotten away and he'll let Ryan go. But Ryan knows he's kind of invincible because Joe wants him alive, and tells David he can't kill him. They wrestle over the gun and Ryan shoots David a little -- he just wings him in the thigh. It's a flesh wound. By the time he gets to the roof, Carroll and Louise have taken off in their wee adorable Lego helicopter (like, the Pope's getaway vehicle was bigger than this thing). Ryan shoots futilely at it. But as we have learned from Dawn of the Dead and, you know, PHYSICS, helicopters that take off must eventually come down, right? How hard is it to track this thing?

Charlie hangs up the phone with someone and tells Emma it's time to go. She asks about Bo and Dana, and Charlie goes off to deal with that. His way of dealing: oh, he's gonna shoot Bo.

Parker tells Mike and Ryan that local radar lost the unregistered helicopter. Of course it did. Ryan flails some more about Carroll's nameless, faceless cult, and he wants to start the next phase of his search by waterboarding the shit out of David. Parker protests for, like, a second, because it went so well last time he violated someone's Eighth Amendment rights, and then gives Ryan five minutes. Eeesh. This is going to be like that scene in Inglourious Basterds. David's eyes are shining with madness as he says he won't tell Ryan anything, so Ryan leans on the bullet hole in his thigh until he screams.

They find the Dana basement. Bo is in a cage, shot in the head. Dana's in an adjacent one, alive and whimpering. Ryan pulls her out and asks about Joey. All she knows is that they took him. He doesn't mention that her dad is going to jail, like, forever.

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