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I Know Why the Caged Girl Screams

Claire's house, which now that I look at it is tastefully decorated in the style of the Williams-Sonoma home collection. She's being put in protective custody, FINALLY, and bitches about how Joe's free but now she's the one who's locked up. Hey, ask Sarah Fuller how she'd like to not be dead from having her eyeballs cut out right about now. Ryan blathers about how he isn't giving up looking for Joey. But maybe they should call Anthony LaPaglia or something because as I recall, he was actually good at finding missing people. And so gruff about it.

The car with Carroll and Louise in it pulls up to a huge house, almost the size of one of the dorms at my smallish southern college. People spill out the front doors, dozens of them. Including Charlie and Emma. She manages not to rip off her knickers and throw them at Carroll, but only because he hugs her. He stares at Joey, whom Emma calls over. Joey looks justifiably freaked out and stays rooted to the spot until his father approaches and crouches down. Joey, of course, has never met him that he's conscious of, but he says, "I know you. You're my dad."

Next week: Someone will screw something up again and definitely not rescue Joey. Carroll meets more of his followers and they plot another kidnapping of Claire while Ryan interrogates David.

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