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A Nutcase By Any Other Name

Pennsylvania. Jacob's mom is cleaning Paul's wound, which has gotten infected and Paul asks if she can help because she's a nurse. Jacob is leaving another message for Emma, and Paul grumps about how she left them to die. He says he never trusted Emma and in return she never trusted him. Yes. We know this.

Flashback to 2008. Emma is sifting through some papers and explaining that a woman named Robin Stewart who works near the boatyard would be perfect for Paul. She wants him to kill Robin to prove his commitment to the cult. Paul still has his giant nerd glasses and his out-of-control fro, while Jacob still has his Lego man snap-on hair, so this is pretty early in their conversion. Paul says he moved all the way from El Paso to be near Carroll, so doesn't that prove his devotion? He takes the paper from Emma, promising she can trust him. Emma responds that he can trust them.

In the present, Paul is rambling feverishly about trust.

Carroll watches a news report on Claire 2.0's murder, which was committed by Amanda Porter. Emma comes in and starts groping Carroll suggestively, which he does not like, because he sulks off into the shadows, then tells her they shouldn't let the other culties know they're banging. He refers to it as an indiscretion, while she says she thought it was worth it. All the while Roderick is lurking in the doorway. Carroll asks him about news on Jacob and Paul, since Emma is surely so eager to know what happened to them; Roderick says he'll keep looking.

Jacob apologizes to his mother and she tells him Paul is septic. He'll die if he's not hospitalized. Mom tells Jacob to leave before his father arrives.

Donovan fills the other agents in on Amanda's murder of her husband and his lover in Oklahoma City. Ryan interjects that there are 87 Claire Matthewses in the United States, 14 in Virginia, 5 in Richmond, including Original Recipe Ex-Mrs. Carroll, Claire 1.0. Mitchell says one of the Richmond Claires is in custody of the local police, which leaves three others.

A woman in a bathrobe, hair wet, answers the phone, and then turns on her TV to see the same reporter telling all Claire Matthewses to contact law enforcement. There's a knock at the door, and come on, lady, don't answer that. They JUST TOLD YOU. She asks who it is, and the voice on the other side of the door -- a woman's voice -- says it's the police, so Claire 3.0 opens the door to Amanda, who struggles briefly with her, then throws her out the window. Claire falls several stories and lands with a bloody splat right in front of the actual cop who was arriving to keep her safe.

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