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A Nutcase By Any Other Name

Amanda thanks Ryan for his honesty and he says he does need to be punished. He tells her to kill him as he walks slowly toward her and Claire, and says the only way she and Carroll get a happy ending is if Amanda kills him. Ryan keeps saying, "Do it. Now. Do it. Now," and finally Amanda raises the nail gun away from Claire's head to shoot him. He lunges toward her, knocking the nail gun away from her and the other agents swoop in and grab Claire. They drag Amanda away while she shrieks.

Cult house. Roderick tells Carroll that Ryan is proving to be more of a challenge than he expected, and Carroll says he also made the mistake of underestimating Ryan. Further, Roderick exposits, Louise is dead and Amanda's in custody. Carroll gives Roderick his condolences, saying he knows Louise was important to him, but Roderick doesn't know what he feels about her or if he feels. He laughs, because he is a sociopath, then tells Carroll that they tracked a call that Donovan made to Quantico to check on Claire and they broke the encryption. The call went to Marshal Turner (REALLY? The guy who let her run away with Charlie?!) and they discovered she's in Huntington County, Pennsylvania. Carroll is delighted.

Prison. Ryan, his forearm bandaged, wants to interview Amanda in the morning, but Parker tells him Donovan won't let that happen. Besides, the director of the FBI has had her transferred to DC to question her at headquarters. Because they have such a great track record with transfers! Ryan asks how Parker feels about the operation being run out of DC now, and she says, "Like a failure." He tells her she's not. Um... unless this TV FBI has a different definition of failure, in which it doesn't mean being completely unable to achieve any kind of objective, she kind of is.

Donovan asks Parker about what Amanda was saying about Claire and says it's twisted that Ryan is still hung up on her. Oh, Nick Donovan. Stay always. You are so comparatively sane and lucid and you haven't massively fucked up yet.

In his little desk area, Ryan watches a news report about the two dead Claire Matthewses, with Claire 1.0's picture up in the corner. And he pines. Oh, how he pines.

Emma pours herself a drink, turning when she hears someone enter the room. She smiles, expecting Carroll, but it's Roderick. She asks what she can do for him and he tells her he got a very exciting email earlier. He takes her out into the front hall, where Jacob is standing, looking pretty damn not pleased to see her.

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