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Blade Into You

Previously on The Following: Look, just watch this and then mash it up with this, put some vodka in your water bottle, and you'll be all caught up. RIP, Riley.

Paul is talking to Megan in the basement of the country house. She's still tied to a chair with duct tape over her mouth. He's asking, huskily, if she slept all right, and this, actually, is so fucking scary. He looks like a Craigslist killer, or someone who went to college with your brother's friend's neighbor who you agree to have a drink with when he moves in a few blocks away, and the next thing you know he's wearing your ears on a necklace. Jacob, who is not nearly so scary, is starting to panic about how Paul is really losing his marbles, bringing Megan here. Emma walks in and says she thought Jacob was going to deal with the Megan problem. "When did he ever deal with anything?" Paul laughs.

Emma says he's a fool and is going to get them caught. She brings up the security camera at the grocery store where he met Megan, and says he'll be identified, but he points out kind of rationally that they're already wanted in all fifty states. And Canada too, I bet. Jacob whines that what Paul's doing just isn't cool, and Emma turns on him, a little, when she sarcastically thanks him for pointing out that Paul's harshing everyone's mellow. Paul giggles at that.

Emma tells Paul that they can't let Joey see Megan, so he obviously needs to kill and bury her. Megan's eyes are like NO THAT'S FINE GUYS I'LL JUST BE ON MY WAY WTF WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BE A NICE MAN WHO DOESN'T WANT TO MURDER YOU AND WEAR YOUR EARS. Paul looks a little distressed as he's stroking Megan's face, but then he just pops up, all cheery and ready to go about his day, and hands a knife to Jacob. He says, "You kill Megan and I'll make breakfast. Thinking pancakes?" He asks Megan if she likes pancakes and she just cries. Joey calls them from upstairs and Emma tells them to do it already. Jacob and Paul stare soulfully at each other as Paul tells Jacob he's tired of all the lies. Then your current life choices seem like poor ones, you know?

Claire's house. Ryan and Parker are analyzing the video of Joey. Agent Mike calls and says from the trees and the grass that their experts are sure the video was made on the East Coast, but he doesn't have much more. The e-mail address the video was sent from comes from North Korea. Parker asks how Mike is doing, and he stares significantly at the picture of poor throat-stabbed Riley. Mike says he's good. That's good, young padawan, muffle your feelings, and soon you too will be an alcoholic with no family and if you're lucky someone will stab you!

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