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Blade Into You

Parker tells Claire that the video is helpful, and Ryan reiterates that Carroll is just playing with them. Parker tries to reassure Claire that there's no evidence psychopathic behavior is hereditary, and Claire's like, believe me, I did some damn research after my babydaddy carved up a bunch of girls. She asks why they can't find Joey already if they're so damn smart, and leaves the kitchen.

Parker and Ryan go back to the prison. He asks how Raines killed himself, and she reminds us that he choked himself to death on his bandages. And it was horrible. She also reminds us that he told her Maggie, Rick's now widow, knows where Joey is. Ryan's phone rings. The caller ID says "Jenny."

Flashback to 2009. A woman is helping drunk Ryan stumble into his Brooklyn apartment. He collapses on the bed and she asks what she's going to do with him. He apologizes for getting drunk. I do not think he means it.

Ryan doesn't answer the phone and goes in to talk to Carroll. Ryan says he doesn't see the brilliance in Emma, Jacob, and Paul's plan. He's manipulating unstable people, but it seems beneath him to play such petty little games, Ryan says. He calls Rick's mask escapades silly. Carroll agrees that the mask was stupid but he says he did like Maggie, that she and Rick were so in love. Ryan looks absolutely delighted to tell Carroll that the love story is over, that he killed Rick, but instead of pouting, Carroll acts like Ryan just offered him the finest cakes and pastries in all the land. He sounds like Jack Lemmon as Prince Hoepnick of Potsdorf when he says how pleased he is that Rick is dead.

Carroll figures out that Ryan is fishing for information about Maggie, and tells Ryan she's very special. He says her real name is Margaret Schuller. In the observation room, Parker sends Mike off to the Google machine. Carroll says Maggie came to visit him eight years ago and told him about a killing spree she got away with in Arkansas. He says he found her resourceful, tenacious and impressive. I hope she puts that right up at the top of her resume.

Mike fills us in: six murders from 2002 to 2005, all the victims stabbed. Another agent shows them the police sketch and says when she visited Carroll she used an alias.

Emma asks Paul for the phone and asks if he saw the news. He did: there's an all-points bulletin for Maggie. Emma calls her and leaves a message, telling her to call them. She's worried. Joey is watching from the top of the stairs. When Emma calls him, he picks up his boots, runs down the stairs and goes outside with his soccer ball. Emma asks Paul what's going on in the basement. He says Jacob is supposed to be taking care if it--if he can take care of it, he emphasizes. Emma asks what that means, and Paul says he knows Jacob better than she does, after their three years of pretending to be a couple.

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