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Blade Into You

Maggie finally comes out of the shadows and greets Ryan. He reaches for his blindfold and she tells him if he takes it off, Jenny dies. Maggie launches into her self-absorbed serial-killer patter, about how she's enjoyed getting to know Jenny and hearing all about Ryan's sad early years. I'm reminded of why I like Emma: she's a nutbar, yes, but she seems the least clichéd of these lulus. There's no monologue, no settling of accounts; Emma just likes to stab people and then fuck Jacob's brains out. She's simple and I respect that. Anyway. Ryan yells Jenny's name and she replies with a muffled scream, unseen, from somewhere in the restaurant. Ryan lunges out of the chair and Maggie clubs him across the back of the neck.

Country house basement. Jacob tells Megan not to scream and takes the tape off her mouth. He gives her something to drink and she thanks him. She says she won't say anything to anyone if he lets her go, that she knows he doesn't want to hurt her. Megan has an idea. She says Jacob should cut her arms and legs so she bleeds on the floor, so he can tell Emma and Paul he killed her. She tells him he can say he dumped her body and she'll just go away and never tell anyone about the crazy murder house in the woods. Megan starts crying that she doesn't want to die.

Flashback to Jacob visiting Carroll. He says he doesn't want to disappoint Carroll, but even though he tried, he can't do "it." Carroll asks if the others know, and he confesses that he lied. Carroll asks if Jacob wants to be part of the gang, and Jacob says he doesn't want to go back to his old life, when he had Lego Man hair. Carroll starts reciting part of "The Raven" because of course he does, and Jacob finishes the line. Carroll says it's okay that Jacob isn't ready for the old stabby-stabby, that he'll kill someone one day, when he's ready. You know, my mom gave me a talk like that once. Except she was telling me one day I'd be tall enough to reach the top cabinets in the kitchen. She lied. But she meant well.

Jacob picks up the knife. He brings it close to Megan's face; she's still sobbing. He puts the blade against her skin in various places, like he's trying to figure out which will work best.

Maggie wakes Ryan up by slapping his face. He's strapped to a table, on his back. Jenny is next to him, tied to a chair. Ryan asks Jenny if Maggie hurt her, and Maggie says she didn't--because she was waiting for him. God, she's almost as insufferable as Carroll.

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