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Blade Into You

Ryan is trying to convince Maggie that Carroll wouldn't want her to kill him, and Maggie says she isn't, Carroll is, because he's the one who stabbed Ryan in the heart. Maggie's just shutting off the pacemaker. Maggie asks Jenny if she's watching, then mentions how cursed their family is and presses down on the battery over Ryan's heart as she warbles about how much she and Rick were in love. Maggie cuts the tape on Ryan's hands.

Mike! Mike is at the delivery entrance. He goes into the restaurant. Maggie cuts Ryan loose and he rolls off the table, but the magnets are still duct-taped to him. He's all white and shaky and his eyes are rolling back in his head. Maggie tells Jenny Ryan won't last long now, and drags her chair closer. But Mike comes in and hollers at Maggie to stop, hitting her in the back of the head as he does so. It doesn't knock her out; she jumps right back up with a knife and Mike shoots her. He crouches down and peels the batteries off Ryan, asking if he's all right. Dude, call a damn ambulance. We may be losing hospitals left and right here in Brooklyn, but we still have a couple emergency rooms open.

Emma and Paul, covered in mud, peel off their dirty clothes. They laugh together about how Megan fell in the mud all right, and Emma tells Paul that both of them love Jacob. She concedes that she knows it's hard for him. She pulls him into the bathroom to get cleaned up and tells him not to freak out, because it's not like they're going to bang. Oh, yes they are. Emma turns on the shower, then turns around and kisses Paul. Guys, I have five dollars that says Jacob's first kill is one of them.

Speaking of the virgin, he goes down to the basement and finds Megan tied up and gagged again.

Ambulance. An EMT is telling Ryan his heart is beating normally, but he needs to see his cardiologist. Mike asks if he's all right, and shows him Maggie's cell phone, which is full of calls and e-mails. He says he told Parker about it and she ripped him a new one and suspended him. Ryan doesn't have the manners to apologize, or to thank Mike for saving his leathery skin. Mike says they need to get back to Richmond so he can start writing "I Will Not Go AWOL During a Serial Murder Investigation" five hundred times on the chalkboard at Quantico. Ryan asks for a minute with Jenny.

He asks her if she can disappear for a little while. She says she's feeling like a visit to Miami. Dude, it is not DISAPPEARING if someone knows where you are. She asks how Claire is.

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