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Stab Her Gently
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Is everyone exercising their discretion, that is, deciding if you're interested in watching fake gory murders for entertainment purposes? Good. Let's get to the gory murderin'. We start at Virginia Central Penitentiary, where a guard scans his card and lets himself into the locker room. Another guard tells "Pete" to have a good night, but Pete, of course, is James Purefoy, and since we aren't idiots we know he's the bad guy and he's escaping from jail. But let's hold off on being smart for just a second (in this way, we emulate the FBI agents who will show up soon). "Pete" walks out the door, gets into a truck and drives out of the prison as Patsy Cline sings "Sweet Dreams."

The guards who greeted "Pete" just a second ago walk into the secured area and find all their coworkers hideously butchered. They start shouting for help and lockdown. Setting the tone for the evening, we get lots of close-ups of the guards with their slashed throats and guts. Ick.

"Pete" is driving sedately away from the prison as sirens and searchlights power up behind him.

Brooklyn! The phone wakes Kevin Bacon. He has a huge loft with original windows, so you know that sucker is a bitch to heat. He ignores his phone, which keeps ringing, chugs a bottle of water and throws it in the trash next to an empty liquor bottle. Ooh, FORESHADOWING. He switches on the TV and sees the news that Joe "Pete" Carroll (er, not the coach of the Seahawks) has escaped. Carroll was a professor who murdered fourteen young women who attended the university where he taught.

Kevin finally answers the phone. It's FBI Director Franklin, who addresses Kevin as Ryan and says they need him in Virginia. Ryan says he's not an agent anymore, but Franklin says Ryan originally caught Carroll and the FBI needs him to consult and help recapture the guy. Ryan takes a shower and fills his water bottle with vodka, then heads for Virginia. (That's also how I do it when I'm headed home to the commonwealth. I-95 is a bitch.)

Norfolk, Virginia. Police cars pull up to Sarah Fuller's house. She's wearing scrubs, so obviously she's something heroic -- like a pediatric oncologist -- or she works in the NICU saving tiny babies, which will make it all the more tragic when Carroll pulls her eyeballs out. A Norfolk cop introduces himself and tells her about Carroll's escape.

Flashback. Sarah is testifying against Carroll, telling the court how Carroll stabbed her a bunch of times, and since she was too weak to fight back, she shoved the knife farther into herself and tried to sever an artery so she'd bleed to death faster. I hope everyone was done with dinner.

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