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Stab Her Gently

Detective Warren, who is quite a looker, says he has cops watching her house. Sarah's next-door neighbor arrives and says he's there for her.

Ryan arrives at the prison, which looks like it should be full of zombies. Two FBI agents introduce themselves, Riley (the black dude) and Mason (the lady). They tell Ryan to emphasize to the press, if he's asked, that he's just there as a consultant, since he wrote a book about Carroll and has a reputation. (As a drunk? As a lunatic? This is all very suspenseful.) Ryan asks how Sarah Fuller is doing and Mason brushes off his concern, since she's So Very Busy. Her acting has all the subtlety of hitting a tin can with an ax.

The guards' bodies are still in the room where Carroll killed them. Riley introduces Deputy Marshal Turner, who just a minute ago was marveling that Carroll dispatched all five guards in under two minutes. Well, everyone has their gifts. Turner tells Riley that he was with the sheriff's office when Ryan originally brought Carroll in, so he already knows Ryan. And he doesn't appear to like him.

Mason shows Ryan Carroll's room, which is spotless. She exposits that Carroll is scheduled to be executed next month, as Ryan looks at his bookshelf: Poe, Faulkner, Hawthorne, Melville, Shelley, Byron. "Still the romantic," Ryan mutters, which proves he hasn't read much Hawthorne. (Spoiler: Hawthorne hates women as much as Joe Carroll does! There, now you don't have to go to tenth-grade English.) Ryan picks up his own book, The Poetry of a Killer, and asks who let Carroll have it. He pulls a letter from inside it and Mason recites it from memory: "Dear Ryan, I enjoyed your book. Have you ever considered a sequel? Best, Joe." She asks Ryan why Carroll might have written the note, and Ryan observes quite logically that Carroll plans to hideously murder some (more) people. Duh.

Mason gets all Jodie Fostery about how she read Ryan's file and she knows he doesn't play well with others, but this is the FBI, dammit, and Ryan gets in her face about how she thinks she knows him. Because we hadn't hit the cliché button quite hard enough this evening. She starts to storm off, and Ryan asks if anyone has gotten in touch with Carroll's ex-wife, Claire Matthews. Mason says she's being questioned and protected.

Claire's house. Claire looks pretty anxious for a woman who's lately had carnal knowledge of Raylan Givens. A detective asks when she last heard from Carroll. Claire says she'll talk only to the FBI and specifically Ryan.

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