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Stab Her Gently

Raines comes up behind a girl unlocking her front door. He's wearing a police uniform. She asks if the guy was caught and Raines says he was, but asks if he can check her doors and windows, just to be safe. The girl lets him in. So much for you, Anonymous Blonde Girl! Enjoy your SAG card!

Carroll goes on to say he'll be Ryan's friend, even though Ryan slept with his wife. Claire is watching the news, sees that Carroll was caught. Carroll asks Ryan if Claire showed him the letter. Watching on the closed-circuit TV, Riley asks, "What letter?" (It's not a surprise to the FBI, remember, that Ryan and Claire slept together.) Carroll says Claire is the only woman he's ever loved and he wants to see her. Ryan's like, that would take a fucking miracle, man.

Claire goes upstairs and finds Joey's room empty. She runs downstairs, calling desperately for him.

Carroll says his new work will be good versus evil, with a heroic, flawed protagonist: Ryan. He says Sarah's death was the inciting incident, to get Ryan involved in the story. Ryan says if the story ends in any way other than Carroll's death, he's going to need to rewrite. Then he breaks Carroll's fingers.

Claire wants to know where Denise is. She's in her car, with Joey in the backseat, and she's delivering him to Will and Billy.

Guards drag Carroll off as he yells at Ryan to call Claire.

This season: An expert on cults comes to help. Denise, Will and Billy have a little love triangle. Ryan starts to go round the bend, and Claire agrees to talk to Carroll. And I assume a whole bunch more aspiring actresses get drenched in red Karo syrup. Good times.

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