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Stab Her Gently

Flashback to 2002. Carroll grabs Claire from behind and playfully knocks her back on the bed, kissing her. She tells him she's pregnant.

Present. A moppet calls for Claire and asks what's going on, why he can't watch TV. "It's Dad, isn't it," the clever little brat intuits. Claire hugs him and hopes there's nothing in genetics.

FBI mobile command center. A woman asks to speak to someone about Carroll, and another woman gives her some paperwork to fill out. Iceman is briefing some other agents on Carroll's background: English professor (who is also English) and novelist, whose early lack of success in publishing triggered his fetish for stabbing flesh to get turned on. Well, Jesus. It's a good thing self-publishing came along, huh? Ryan says that's not accurate and Iceman asks Ryan to correct him if he's wrong.

Ryan explains that Carroll was obsessed with Thoreau, Emerson and Poe, and he believed in the insanity of art. He cut out women's eyes because he was influenced by "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Black Cat" -- because he believed the eyes were the windows to the soul. His murders were art to him. Iceman dismisses the others and introduces himself to Ryan as Mike Weston, who is not only an adorable baby agent, but also a kvelling Ryan fanboy. Ryan's either embarrassed by the attention or drunk.

Riley laughs at Mike's crush on Ryan and Mike defends Ryan, saying he's a hero. A hero who still got fired, Riley points out. Riley hypothesizes that Ryan went crazy, but Mike fills in the background: Carroll stabbed Ryan in the heart, so he retired on disability because he has a pacemaker keeping him alive. So that's why he looks so wan and pasty.

Ryan sees the woman who asked about Carroll earlier sitting with some others, and asks who they are. Apparently Carroll has groupies (of course he does). Mike fills him in: Carroll had a hundred and twelve visitors in two years, fourteen of whom visited more than four times. He was spending most of his time working on his third appeal, and for this he was taken to a local law library once a week. Where he had access to the Internet. Ryan is like, YOU IDIOTS.

The woman from earlier looks at her phone when it chimes, then takes off her shoes and moves to the center of the room. She pulls a stiletto from her purse, then takes her dress off. She has words written all over her skin. The FBI agents notice the crazy-eyed naked lady with a knife and surround her. Ryan tells her she doesn't want to do this, but she turns the knife toward herself, murmurs, "Lord, help my poor soul," and then STABS HERSELF IN THE EYE. Jesus Christ, show.

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