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Stab Her Gently

Present day. Mason is the one in the way now; she introduces herself to Claire and Claire says she wants to talk to Ryan alone. This does not please Mason, but Claire insists. Claire asks about Ryan's heart (you know, the tell-tale one) and observes that he's drinking too much. He asks if she's heard from Carroll and she passes him a letter Carroll sent a week ago. She asks how Carroll knows whatever is in the letter, and Ryan says he's bluffing. He tells Claire that Carroll has help now.

Mason is in the kitchen with Joey and the babysitter. Joey asks if Mason is a cop, but she cannot handle this line of questioning and flees. I'm sure her difficulties relating to children have absolutely no deep-seated psychological causes and she's totally emotionally healthy.

Claire says it makes sense that Carroll would find a student, because he's still a teacher. Ryan asks if he'd leave the country and she says he wouldn't. He just wants to keep killing people. You know, like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, except it's not minor-league home runs -- it's gnarly, gut-churning murders. Ryan sits across from Claire and apologizes for not calling her. (After they did the naked time? Yes, I think so.) She says she got the hint since she hasn't heard from him in eight years. Ah, the FBI found out about their tryst, which might be part of the reason why he's not an agent anymore. Ryan says he didn't call her because she deserves better than a drunk head case like him. (Raylan! Raylan!)

Claire asks after Sarah Fuller, and Ryan says she's being protected and that she's a doctor now. Claire is glad someone has moved on past the horror that Carroll caused, and says she's sure that bothers Carroll, because he likes to think he himself is Poe. Poe died with an unfinished novel, "The Lighthouse," she says, and Carroll's novel was supposed to finish that work. So, by extension, Sarah Fuller would also be his unfinished work.

Mason asks what's going on with Ryan and Claire. He says they have to get to Sarah before Carroll finishes what he started.

The detective in Norfolk introduces himself to Ryan as they rush into Sarah's house. Of course the officers who were stationed upstairs are missing -- one is dead in Sarah's bed and she's gone. Ryan goes into Sarah's closet and finds blood on the carpet, as well as a panel in the wall that's been cut out and replaced. He takes a flashlight and goes through the closet wall into the townhouse next door -- the gay boyfriends' house. It doesn't occur to anyone to turn a light on. Mason and Ryan work their way downstairs and meet the other cops coming in the front door.

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