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Stab Her Gently

Ryan goes outside and stealthily steals someone's government SUV. He heads to Lake Whitehurst. The B&B is decrepit and boarded up, and I know I'm not a hotshot FBI agent who's seen it all, but wouldn't it have been a good idea to bring backup? This guy already tried to kill Ryan once and surely Mike would go wherever his idol beckoned. Too stupid to live, this one. Ryan cases the perimeter of the house, and when he hears a noise, reaches for his gun. Which is missing from his hip -- it's not clear until the previews for next week's episode, but Ryan isn't allowed to have a service weapon anymore. He calls out that he came alone.

Sarah is screaming. Ryan runs up the stairs. The house looks like a Universal Studios tour of Miss Havisham's place (or maybe it's the house from "A Rose for Emily", given Carroll's affection for Faulkner). Ryan turns when he hears a noise and Carroll bludgeons him in the face. He starts monologuing while periodically kicking the crap out of Ryan.

Carroll talks about the muscles that connect the human eye -- there are seven of them. He says he removed each one individually, which is a rather tricky thing to do. And then he holds up the tape recorder that has Sarah's screams on it and cuts a rope so her body drops from the ceiling, dangling, eyeless, in front of Ryan. Yep. Poor Sarah. (Your recapper will be sleeping with the lights on, by the way. Possibly forever.) Carroll says she lasted much longer than he thought she would.

Ryan jumps up and starts choking Carroll, who says he wants to turn himself in. He keeps repeating the word "surrender" as Mason and the others rush in and pry Ryan off him. Because this would be a really short show if Ryan throttles the life out of the mouthy bugger.

The U.S. marshals take Carroll away in shackles as Mason tells Ryan that he'll be transferred to federal detention. He's lost in his memories, talking about the eighteen months it took to catch Carroll the first time and all the girls he lost, but how he was able to save Sarah. That time.

Richmond detention center. Mike tells Ryan that Carroll had forty-seven websites, plenty of blogs and chat rooms, so they have no idea how many acolytes he has out there. Mason tells Ryan that Carroll will only talk to him. Runs in the family, it seems.

Carroll says Sarah had to die. He says it's such a shame, since she worked so hard to get her life back together -- unlike Ryan. He sneers at Ryan's book, you know, because he only believes in literature. Ryan asks what the sequel's going to be about, and Carroll says it will be a collaboration. He rambles pretentiously about how his new work is going to have more mass appeal. Ryan says they know about his followers. Carroll doesn't like the word "cult," instead, he says, he has friends. He exposits that there are three hundred active serial killers in the U.S. And he's Facebook friends with all of them! Way to go, Zuckerberg.

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