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The Following may not do themed episodes, but "Reflection" was about as close to a couples episode in time for Valentine's Day as we'll ever get. Everyone's pairing up (some in a familial way, but still) -- even if some of those players aren't getting exactly what they want.

That's why it's fittingly ironic that "Isn't It Romantic" plays over the opening scene of "Reflection" while Joe shaves his beard and Lily pours him a drink like a happy housewife in an American Horror Story-style 1950s flashback. "You clean up well," she says right on cue. Joe may as well have followed it up with "Well, thanks, baby dawl."

On the train where we last saw Max, it's go-time. Giselle gets off at Stratford (in Connecticut) and Max hops off to follow her, chatting with Ryan on the phone the whole time. Again, Ryan is a long way off and Giselle is getting away. While Max wrestles with the decision to wait 20 minutes for Ryan to arrive, which risks losing the target, and just chasing after her herself, which didn't end well last time, Giselle calls Luke, her sometimes lover. She tells him about Ryan and "some girl" that bothered her at Grand Central and heads off to the meeting spot.

At Chateau Lily, which we can now assume is in Connecticut, because of course it is. Lily is introducing Joe to her "family" to Joe and while everyone fawns over Joe and Mandy fawns over the house, Emma sulks angrily in the corner. It's like she's playing the teenage kid with attitude! How quaint. Luke is off to pick up Giselle, so Lily ushers her other children off to sleep like some sort of Von Trapp reincarnate and Emma asks to speak to Joe alone. Lily "allows" it and because the lines between parent and lover are blurred in this creepy house, Lily gives Emma a backhanded compliment, saying she's happy Emma got rid of "that ugly pink hair." Subtle, Lil.

As soon as Lily leaves, Emma demands to know why Joe never told her about his body swap plan or his brother. She says that she's not "everyone" and she deserved better. All he can say is that he failed her and failed everyone (when he hid out in the woods for a year and didn't tell anyone). That doesn't change the fact that she's furious with him.

At FBI headquarters, Mike and Co. are forced to get creative in their follower investigations because Giselle fried David's computer (although, if that was their only plan they're in pretty terrible shape). Next step: check out the footage from Grand Central Station, where Ryan got in a fight with David's suspected murderer. Mike notices Max in a sister surveillance feed and Mendez is more than thrilled to make the announcement that their search area just expanded to Upstate and Connecticut. Oh great, what every investigation needs: a larger radius.

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