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Previously on The Following: Carroll and Donovan both got stabbed. I cheered when one of these things happened.

Carroll watches one of the Molly-Ryan sex tapes while sulking into his whiskey about his stab wound. It's still oozing blood and looks exceptionally icky. On the tape, Ryan rolls off Molly and pours himself a drink. She tells him the booze will kill him, and he replies dully, "It can't kill me. I'm already dead." Carroll replays that line about a million times. After the title card, he's buttoning up his shirt over the bloody bandages on his torso while nervously giving Emma instructions. He's more jittery and unhinged than we've seen him and tells Emma he needs someone to trust now that Roderick is gone.

She pulls away when he tries to touch her, and Carroll apologizes for his behavior toward her the last time they talked, all but begging her to forgive him. She does, but she's more reserved than she has been toward him in the past, like she's finally realized he's not a good bet. He reaches for his liquor and Emma asks after his wound, which Carroll says hurts like hell.

Havenport sheriff's station. Mitchell tells Parker that Donovan made it alive to the hospital in D.C., and he's in surgery. Claire's mother is on her way to pick up Joey so they can go into hiding. In another room, Ryan is relating Joey's description of the cult house to other agents. Maybe they think if they throw a whole bunch of police jargon at us we'll forget how incompetent the FBI has been ever since they let Carroll escape the first time.

Cult house. Carroll's culties hold hands and recite, "In death, there is life. In death, there is love. In death, there is everything." Carroll explains that today is a very special day. He instructs a follower named Aimee to be strong and fierce. Jacob's pompadour is back, and I wonder how he explained that whole didn't-come-back-with-Joey thing. Carroll asks a smiling male follower if the others are ready, and he's all, we have been sitting around this house drinking wine and playing pool for the past two months and Aimee keeps reading us The Cask of Amontillado over and over again and we've fucked each other in every possible combination and OH MY GOD WE ARE SO BORED WE JUST WANT TO GO STAB SOME PEOPLE IN THE EYEBALLS.

Carroll asks Aaron, the least murdery-seeming of all his culties, if he's ready, and Aaron's all, lines! I get lines! Finally, I'm eligible for SAG health insurance! The first guy assures Carroll that they'll get him and Claire safely away. Carroll's all, ehhhhhh, about Claire... Gesturing with a bottle of booze, he says, "Today's the day that our story will finally be heard." He pours himself another drink as they all leave.

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