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All the Children Are Insane

The doorbell rings. Emma and Jacob come up from the basement and tell the four at the table to stay put. She opens the door to two state troopers, who ask if everything's okay. The cop asks about the Grays, then stumbles over his words as he seems to recognize Emma. She shoots both of them and Claire facepalms.

As Jacob drags the dead troopers into the house, Carroll tells Claire, Phil, and Vicky not to move. When he has his back turned, Claire finally picks up the wine bottle and bashes Carroll over the head with it, knocking him down but not out. She grabs his knife and stabs him in the same spot as before, then cuts the ropes binding Phil and Vicky. Carroll is screaming, so Claire boots him in the face and tells the Grays to run out the back door. She follows while Carroll bellows for Emma.

Jacob and Emma pick Carroll up and he tells them to take the car and hunt down Claire, that he'll call Alex to come get him. I'm sure no one will notice when those two state troopers don't check in?

Ryan obsesses over The Masque of the Red Death, which killed the people who sought safety and refuge. He, Parker, and Mike blunder through metaphor-land until Mike stumbles upon the place where people would seek safety: the evacuation center.

The FBI descends on the community center that's being used for Havenport-area residents who needed to evacuate their homes. Parker says there are about a hundred people in the gymnasium, and no one was screened or IDed, so any of them may be culties. Turner instructs the agents to holster their guns and not use them, since most of the people inside are, you know, innocent. Although this seems to be the first time anyone has been concerned about civilian casualties. Parker tells Mike and Ryan to keep their eyes open, then realizes that might not be the best turn of phrase lately.

Ryan spots the smiling cult guy from earlier, who's just standing there, staring at Ryan and grinning. Ryan grabs Mike and they slowly close in on Smiley Jim, trying not to panic the others. Smiley Jim throws his hands up dramatically, then the lights go out. A woman screams. Someone hits a woman in the head with an axe, and when Ryan grabs axe lady, she collapses, blood pouring down her face. In the confusion, another cultie stabs Turner; someone else slashes a woman's throat. Everyone is screaming. Mike shoots somebody. More stabbing. Parker shoots somebody. Running. Screaming.

Parker leaves the gymnasium and stalks through the darkened hallways. She finds a cultie, who pretends to be innocent, saying someone tried to kill her, but when the woman pulls a knife, Parker puts her down.

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